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Friday, February 08, 2008

Commentary with a Co-ed: The Black Canary swooped into Smallville

by Ashley Gouveia

The Black Canary came to Smallville, the Green Arrow returned, and the unthinkable happened. Clark Kent finally stood up to Lana Lang. I know, crazy right?

After last week’s awkward ending, I had only hoped for this kind of blowout between them. Even though they seemed to revert back to their “domestic bliss,” I think good ‘ol Ollie Queen planted all the seeds of doubt needed for Clark to eventually make the final break. At least I hope so.

Justin Hartley, oh how I‘ve missed you! It was so great to have him back on Smallville. I love how he constantly calls Clark out on just sitting around the farm. He doesn’t hold back at all, and that’s refreshing. It turned out Ollie was back in town fighting crime with Chloe‘s help. Like she said, she needed to pay the bills and who could blame her? That’s a pretty cool job. Too bad Clark didn’t think so.

After he stopped whining about his love life, he went over to Ollie’s bachelor clock-tower pad and rammed into him about putting her in danger. Clark definitely didn’t like Oliver moving in on his sidekick (the best sidekick in town!). Aww! Take that “new and improved version!”

I was thrilled that Clark came up with the name Black Canary. I could see a glimmer of the reporter in him. The way he tossed ideas back and forth with Chloe made me think back to days at the Torch. Anytime an episode gets me all nostalgic, it’s usually a good sign.

There wasn’t a lot of Sexy Lexy in the episode which was weird. Although, he did try to go all Crouching Tiger on our Emerald Archer. Nice moves, Lex! Now that he had his little brother clone killed, I guess he has more time for the Tai Kwan. I’m guessing Lois wasn’t clued in on her ex’s demise. She didn’t seem too broken up about it. I would imagine she would want to find out what really happened to him, right? Maybe not.

As far as the superhero guest star episodes of the past, this one makes my top five. I was pleasantly surprised at how much I liked Alaina Huffman’s portrayal of Ollie’s future ladylove, Black Canary. She had chemistry with all the characters, and it didn’t seem forced at all. I liked how she tried to get Clark to join the gang and his knowing grin as he watched her and Oliver walk away together. Great nod to comic fans everywhere.

Season four’s introduction to Bart Allen (“Run”) and season six’s intro to the Green Arrow (“Arrow”) are tied for my favorite guest superhero episodes. I’m curious to hear what yours are. Let me know what you think about that and last night’s episode. Plus, Chloe’s not a natural blonde? Hmm…interesting.

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tube talk girl said...

I enjoyed the Black Canary arc. And I've missed Ollie, too. I've said it before, and I'll say it again: give this guy his own show already!

I was thrilled to see Clark finally lay it down with Lana. It's clear those two have grown too far apart, but neither one wants to let go.

As for Chloe and the blonde comment, I must have misunderstood. I thought she was implying she was a natural blonde! :)

Kara said...

Ollie needs to stay in Smallville. Love him with Lois.

lilypad said...

It was totally strange that Lois didn't even care that the guy she was doing two days ago was dead. Hello?

ashley said...

jen, i totally agree! The CW missed a golden opportunity to cast Justin Hartley in his own show. He is amazing! I loved the chemistry he had with Lois.
The comment about Chloe not being blonde..it's already been mentioned before that she's not a natural blonde. I think it was in season 4.
A lot of people on the message boards are thrilled because of the hints of the Chlois theory. Either way i thought that scene was really great. Plus, the double take Clark gives her after she says that!

kara, I completetly agree. He is the only person i have liked with Lois.

lilypad, i know. It seems like a lot of things haven't been explained when it comes to that story. Lois should have had some kind of reaction. Maybe it will come on later on...maybe not. lol.

wwg said...

I didn't like GA/Ollie last season, but I loved him in "Siren". And Bart is my all time favorite visiting hero.

Keep up the good work! :)

ashley said...

wwg, thanks for coming over to read the column.:)
Glad u now share my love for the GA!

I think Bart is my favorite visiting hero and the Green Arrow. I also enjoyed the Angel of Vengeance in season 5. Bart is hilarious and i loved his brotherly relationship with Clark.

tube talk girl said...

Ashley, that double take was hilarious. I had to wonder if he was X-ray visioning her!

ashley said...

jen, he probably was! lol.
That would have been hilarious if she was like, "You don't have to x-ray me, I'm fine Clark."

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