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Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Idol Chatter: Guys groovin’ to the ‘70s

by Becky Tennant and Bethany O'Neil

Last night the top 10 guys grooved to tunes from the ‘70s. Overall, it was an improvement over last week’s drab performances, but there were still a couple ouches from the evening.

Of course, our main man, Michael Johns, did a good job of singing Fleetwood Mac's "You Can Go Your Own Way." While he is always number one with us in the "overall he is a star department," he wasn't our top pick from the night.

David Hernandez blew us away. He had awesome vocals and an awesome performance. Last night, he was the total package.

We know everyone under 16 and the three judges think that David Archuletta is some kind of prodigy, but we disagree. Yes he is cute and can sing, and he is a nice guy, but he is just way too overrated. He did do a good job with John Lennon's "Imagine" and it was touching, but we don't think it was the best Idol performance "ever." What is the big deal? He is probably one of the leading finalists in this competition though.

We predict that Jason Yeager, Robbie Carrico, and Luke Menard are the vulnerable ones tonight. While Jason's performance was definitely off, we think Simon was reverting back to his old self and was just too mean to him. Robbie Carrico, who used to date Britney Spears by the way, is just too cocky and not original. David Cook is the only real "rocker" there, and he is tough competition.

One last tidbit: What is it with the Jessica Alba/Miley Cyrus wanna-be, Danny Noriega? He is slowly becoming the Sanjaya of the season. We know his chances of getting the boot are slim because for some reason people like him, but we just don't get it. Maybe we are getting too old.

Tomorrow we will be back with our top picks from the girls. Meanwhile, enjoy this video from You Tube of David Archuletta. And let us know if you think it is the best Idol performance "ever."


Steph in LA said...

Girls, I agree with you. It was great, but it wasn't the best ever. Jordin Sparks, Carrie Underwood and Kelly all had amazing performances. He looks like he's 12. I can't take him serious.

obxrulz said...

I thought he was good. But I don't think he's the "best ever dawg." :)

Mick said...

He's going to be more popular than Sanjaya with the teeny boppers. Look out.

weevilswobble said...

I wish he'd sing that Dreamgirls song. He was rocking that in that video.

tube talk girl said...

He's got a nice voice, but he doesn't really look like an Idol to me. Of course, I never thought Clay Aiken did either, so what do I know.

Becky said...

He is just to breathy and young!
At least though we can count on him having some class unlike Sanjaya!

tara said...

I agree this was not the "best" idol performance ever. Does anyone remember Kelly when she sang "A moment like this" in the finale? That was beautiful!

Its the preteens that will keep him in the running, I predict him to be in the top 4!

bethany said...

right on idol watchers! i still remember bo bice when he sang "vehicle". wow now that was great. I dont think david is near that yet. what do you think becky?

Becky said...

I like him don't get me wrong and he has more talent than a few others, but he is kind of sappy and boring. I want an idol that is the COMPLETE package. I think we can all agree on that.

danthedrummer said...

I love your post ladies. David Archuletta is good, but not good enough for the type of idol that the show desperatly needs after a couple years of mediocre idols.

Maybe the ladies will be able to show him up though we know the majority of the voters are the teen crowd and we know what the teens like.

Keep up the good work, its always funny!

Anonymous said...

Your right danthedrummer they are funny. AMT

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