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Thursday, September 06, 2007

Magnum P.I. reunion on Las Vegas

If the names Magnum, TC, and Rick mean anything to you, then keep reading.

Fans of the hit 1980s show Magnum P.I. are about to get a treat this season. As has been exuberantly reported here, Tom Selleck is joining the cast of the NBC show Las Vegas this season. What you don’t know is that Selleck is bringing a couple of his former Magnum costars along with him.

Larry Manetti and Roger E. Mosley, (Rick an T.C.) will guest star as two of Selleck’s “billionaire buddies who come in for their yearly poker game,” executive producer Gary Scott Thompson told TV Guide.

I’m not sure if it was Selleck’s idea to reunite with his two pals in this fun story or if it came from the Las Vegas producers. But, bravo to whomever made that decision. However, I’d like to see Higgins, too. Yes, I’m a greedy TV diva.

The date of this very special Las Vegas has not been released yet. Stay tuned.


Tim said...

I always thought TC was the coolest...although I didn't feel quite as strongly about him as you did about Magnum :)

Jen said...

Awesome news!How fun it will be to see the guys together again!I'm sure it was probably Tom's idea-he knows Magnum fans are dying for a reunion -and unfortunately this is probably as close as we'll get to one.Definately must-see-TV!

tube talk girl said...

Tim, you had a man-crush on TC? LOL. Well, those muscles were tight. :)

Jen, there are still rumors that Matthew McConaughey is going to play him on the big screen with Tyrese as TC and William H. Macy as Higgy Baby Dark Horizons reported it a few months ago, but I never saw confirmation of it anywhere else.

Tim said...

Man crush? That's a little extreme. But he was cool. I mean, he flew a helicopter. Hello.

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