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Monday, September 24, 2007

First look: House’s new season

I’ve seen the first two episodes of House for the new season. I know, you hate me. Sorry.

If you recall, Dr. House had lost his team of underlings at the conclusion of last year. So, he’s flying solo, trying to diagnose cases. He does enlist the help of the janitor, in a hilarious plot twist. (I think House could convince Satan to sell ice cubes.)

By episode two, we find out where House’s former team has landed. I won’t spoil you, but I will tell you this. Cameron has a hot new hairdo. The girl is looking good.

One of the funniest stories in the premiere involves House, Wilson, and a guitar. And yes, we do get to see Hugh Laurie play his instrument.

House returns Tuesday at 9 p.m. on FOX.


Miz Behavin said...

Funny photo. I'm sure Cuddy would like to tape his mouth shut. :)

Beck said...

I love House. Please keep us up dated on anything you get for House.

tube talk girl said...

Done, Bec. The second episode is really good, too, and gives us some explanations as to where everyone went/is.

Todd W in NC said...

I loved the season premiere. The best subplot was Wilson's kidnapping of House's guitar. How great was it when House kidnapped Wilson's patient in revenge. Although House still outsmarts everyone, I really like it when Wilson and Cuddy come close to beating him.

I'm actually glad they're going in this new direction. Foreman, Chase, and Cameron were becoming nothing but House's verbal sparring partners and eye-rollers. They need new blood in there to have a new kind of chemistry with House. At the same time, they're still decent characters, so seeing them return in a different capacity is good too.

zoey said...

I loved the first episode of House. Wilson stealing House's guitar was the greatest. I can't wait to see this weeks episode.

tube talk girl said...

I loved the guitar plot, too! Good stuff.

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