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Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Lost action figures now available

Sawyer is for sale.

Well, not him, technically, but a new toy figurine that bears his image. Sawyer is one of several of the Lost characters now immortalized as collectible figurines. Kate, Jin, Sun, Shannon and Mr. Eko are available, too.

The collectibles are currently for sale at ABC.com for $18.95.

Each one is six inches in height and comes with an episode-specific prop. For example, Sawyer is poised on the raft he set sail on with the boys. Shannon is lying on the beach working on her tan, clad in a bikini of course. And Sun’s figurine captures that memorable moment when she defied her husband and wore a skimpy swimsuit onto the beach.

I’m anxious to see Jack’s figurine and Hurley’s, too. If he doesn’t come with the VW bus, I’m going to be sorely disappointed.


lawgirl98 said...

Why the raft and not one of the many times we saw James Ford topless? (Unless the shirt comes off while he's on the raft?)


Tim said...

lol...wipe the drool from your chin lawgirl...but I am glad to see they went the bikini route with Sun!!

tube talk girl said...

You wipe the drool, Tim. LOL...

Yeah, lawgirl, why not equal opportunity "skin to win." Life is so not fair. :)

big tuna said...

Sun looks smoking in that bikini. I loved that scene!

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