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Wednesday, September 12, 2007

New Smallville promo and spoilers

The CW just started airing its promo for the new season of Smallville. In it, we see Chloe fighting for her life, Kara taking flight, and Clark fighting bizarre Clark. Is it Sept. 27 yet?

Also, TV Guide’s Michael Ausiello shared some interesting Smallville spoilers for the upcoming season. The one I’m most interested in is that Jimmy “grows a major spine and sucker-punches a certain Young Man of Steel.” I never thought I’d see the day that Jimmy Olsen punches Clark Kent. This is going to be good!

Here are Ausiello’s spoilers followed by the new promo. Hit play below or click here.

--By the middle of the premiere, one woman will be officially pronounced dead.
--Lex will find himself in a watery situation that harkens back to the original pilot... only this time, it's another alien saving his life.
--Those folks who hated Jimmy will be happy to see that he grows a major spine and sucker-punches a certain Young Man of Steel.
--Bizarro Clark will get his hands on Lois... and she'll kind of like it.
--Expect massive effects after a dam burst brings out Clark's, um, hottest power.


Media Maven said...

Hey, Jen-- glad you liked the Off The Beat music! Unfortunately, we've never made it down to your neck of the woods, but then again, we've never been invited!

Love the blog, by the way. Glad to see a kindred spirit. I love Smallville, but how can you compete with those Thursday Night NBC Comedies? It's a tough choice, but starting last year, I had to go with those comedies. Sigh...

tube talk girl said...

Hey Media Maven!!!! Thanks for stopping by. I hope you get this way soon and that the folks at WVU invite you guys to sing. (Go 'EERs!)

I know Thursays are an absolute killer for TV fans. For some reason, most of my favortie shows are on that night. I love ABC's lineup of Ugly Betty etc. and NBC's lineup of The Office, etc. I have a DVR, otherwise, I'd be struggling.

I hope you can catch Smallville onlne somewhere or perhaps it would be easier to watch it and catch the NBC comedies online. Smallville looks to be excellent this season.

ashley said...

Hey Jen,

I am so glad that we finaly got to see a trailer for the new season that was longer than 10 seconds! And a bonus was that Chloe was in it. *claps for the CW* for finally putting Allison Mack in the promos.
I can't wait for season seven! Hopefully, it's better than the last half of season six!

tube talk girl said...

Yeah, I'm thrilled they're showcasing Chloe, too...of course, she's in need of the CPR paddles in that promo...but, hey, at least she's in it. :)

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