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Thursday, September 06, 2007

Commentary with a Co-Ed: Big Brother

by Ashley Gouveia

It’s getting down to the wire on Big Brother, and you know what that means: double eviction!

Whoever wins Head of Household tonight has to immediately nominate two people. Then, another houseguest is thrown out of the game. Who’s going to follow Jessica or Jameka out the door? *cough* Eric *cough*

Why Eric? Well, the guy can’t win Head of Household to save his life. At first, I thought maybe he was throwing it. Nope. He’s really that bad. I was pulling for him to get the veto this week to save his bedmate, Jessica. However, I think he was concentrating on pulling his foot out of his mouth, after his comparison of Big Brother alum, Janelle, to a certain pink Muppet.

The look on Eric’s face when Janelle walked out from behind the wall: priceless. There really are some things money can’t buy.

It was good to see Janelle back in the Big Brother house. I was hoping that a short visit from the Veto Queen herself would spark some tough competition inside some of the more lackluster houseguests. I’m still waiting for it. However, I’m not going to wait for any further Janelle/Dick, or Jick (that just doesn’t sound right) flirting. That was a little, um, creepy.

It looks like Zach, the silent assassin, may have sealed Jessica’s fate. It would make sense for the house to evict her, instead of Jameka, tonight. She’s a bigger threat in the game. She’s already won two Head of Household titles so far. Keeping her around wouldn’t be beneficial to anyone in the house, if they want to win the half million dollars.

Dick and Daniele are sailing through this competition. No one has been able to take them down. I don’t think anyone will. If Zach thinks he can beat Daniele in the finals, he’s wrong. In the end, the judges almost always vote for the person who played the game the best. His move this week should have been to put up, the biggest threats in the house, Dick and Daniele.

We’ll just have to see if the ‘Blonde and the Brow’ alliance, aka Eric and Jessica, can make it to the final four. ‘Til next week.

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