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Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Tonight’s TV

Photo: Private Practice on ABC

It’s still the first full week of the fall season, and I don’t want you to miss the new shows you’ve been hearing about for months. Here’s a quick rundown of what looks good tonight:

8 p.m. Dancing With the Stars on ABC – Dolly Parton performs. Yay!

9 p.m. Bionic Woman on NBC, Private Practice on ABC, Gossip Girl on CW

10 p.m. Dirty Sexy Money on ABC



Tim said...

First embarrassing admission of the new Fall season: I enjoyed the pilot episode of Gossip Girl. Which wouldn't be bad if I weren't a 33 year old dude.

Ryan said...

Hey, man, don't sweat it. Fellow thirty-something dude checking in here, too, to say I liked it. Serena is HOT!!!

tube talk girl said...

No worries, boys. This is a shame-free zone. Of course, this is coming from a girl who likes One Tree Hill. :)

Jason said...

Tim, Ryan, any room for another dude who liked Gossip Girl?

This is just wrong on so many levels.

tube talk girl said...

I just watched the second episode, and well, I'm just not loving Gossip Girl. It wasn't as good as the pilot. Sorry, guys. As much as I love Kristen Bell's voice and Josh Schwartz, I don't think I can join your bandwagon.

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