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Friday, September 21, 2007

First look: Bones season premiere

I’ve seen the season premiere episode of Bones, and I’m so excited about the show’s return that I wanted to share. (Warning: a couple light spoilers are included below.)

Here’s why you shouldn’t miss Bones when it returns on Tuesday.

Humor. Check.
Sexual tension. Check
Disgusting “bones” case involving cannibals. Check.

Yes, I said cannibals. Chew on that piece of juicy info. The gang is back together again to catch a sick killer.

Here’s some scoop on the season premiere. Hodgins is rocking a shocking new hairstyle, and so is another character, which I won’t divulge or FOX may never send me another screener again. Angela is trying to track down her husband, so she can get a divorce. It turns out her husband is black, extremely tall and, of course, smoking hot. Hodgins humorously refers to him as a "Titan, half God, half man."(Casting, may I suggest Henry Simmons for the role? He’s off-the-charts tall and beyond beautiful. Loved him on NYPD Blue.)

On the Booth/Brennan front, Brennan is acting awkward around her co-worker. Rumor has it the two may be headed to couples therapy, and we all know how much Booth loves therapy.

Bones returns this Tuesday, September 25, at 8 p.m. on FOX.


steph in la said...

LOVE David Boreanaz. Those photos are cute! Thanks for sharing.

kim said...

Yes, Henry Simmons was awesome as Baldwin on NYPD Blue. Great suggestion.

Jenny said...

I usually hate procedural crime shows, like you Tube Talk Girl, but I enjoy this one, too. I think the humor sets it apart, plus it seems focuses more on characters than the other ones. Thanks for the reminder.

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