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Thursday, September 13, 2007

Commentary with a Co-Ed: Countdown to Smallville

by Ashley Gouveia

We are two weeks away from the season seven premiere of Smallville, and I’m literally counting the days.

The CW finally released a decent-sized trailer that gave us die-hard fans a glimpse of what’s to come. But before I give my thoughts on the happenings in season seven, let’s take a step back to the finale of season six. Here’s a refresher course on where we left off in the world of my Man of Steel.

Clark vs. BizarroClark: The last phantom from the Phantom Zone took some of Clark’s DNA. It has Clark’s physical appearance and Kryptonian abilities, but not his weakness. It actually gets stronger when in contact with kryptonite. Um, yeah, Clark’s got a tough one there. How’s he going to get rid of him? I, personally, don’t mind two Clark Kents super-speeding around. Tom Welling times two!

Tears of Chloe: Our favorite reporter’s meteor-induced ability was revealed when she cried over her cousin Lois’s dead body. Her tears healed Lois but seemed to leave poor Chloe on death’s doorstep.

Lana goes BOOM, again: Yep, Lana got seemingly blown up in the finale. She was just about to leave Smallville for good when her car exploded. Did anyone not catch that white truck that conveniently passed by her car before it exploded? Unfortunately, it may all have been a trick to frame Lex. That’s disappointing.

Lex’s arrest: In the last five minutes of the finale, Lex was arrested for Lana’s “murder.” Something tells me those charges aren’t going to stick. Besides, Lex can’t continue his super freak army if he’s in the big house. I love evil Lex! *cues AFI’s ‘Prelude 2/21’*

I can’t wait to see the smack down between Clark and Bizarro. The premiere always has incredible special effects. I’m anxious to see Laura Vandervoort’s portrayal of Kara, aka Supergirl. I just hope she’s not portrayed as the annoying little sister to Clark, much like Dawn was to Buffy in season five. Clark doesn’t need to be a babysitter. He needs to fly!

I’m curious to see what’s going to happen with Chloe and her new power. Maybe this will lead to some more Clark and Chloe bonding. After all, she now has to keep her secret hidden and Clark could help her with that. Plus, I want to see her get her 33.1 story and move out of the basement of the Daily Planet.

Smallville fans, we’ve waited, in what seems like forever, for a new episode. Now that it’s coming soon, what do you want to see the most in season seven? ‘Til next week.

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Melissa said...

I'd like to see the END of the Lana and Clark relationship. Finally. He needs to move on.

tube talk girl said...

Ashley, I think you know what I'd like to see! Yes, I want a little Clark and Chloe romance. Jimmy who? :)

Lisa said...

I would love to see Chloe get a real romance and Clark get totally jealous. It is about time. I would also love to see Lois portrayed as something other than eye candy similar to what she was in her Smallville debut.

ashley said...

melissa, from your mouth to TPTB's ears!! I think a lot of people feel the exact same way. It's been six years, it's definitely time to move on.

Jen, great minds think alike!:) We NEED some Clark and Chloe romance! Jimmy can go off with Kara:)

lisa, I was all for Chloe to get a boyfriend if only just for Clark to wake up to his feelings. But I would have rather seen Chloe hook up w/ someone like Oliver. I know Bruce Wayne won't come to SV but a Chloe/Bruce hookup would have been awesome!

Miz behavin said...

I'd like to see Lex smack Lana again. *he he he* Is that wrong?

Stacey said...

I'd like to see Clark become a little more independent and worldly. And I'd like to see him re-team with the Green Arrow.

Jeff said...

I hope we get to see Clark move toward the role of Superman.

corncap said...

Bring on Evil Lex. He's sexy when he's evil.

ashley said...

miz behavin, lol;)

stacey, I would also love to see Clark and Green Arrow team up again. Let's just bring the whole JLA while you're at it. "Justice" was the best episode of the season. We got to see Clark being more heroic, which is ALWAYS a plus! B/C it is a show about the future Superman.

jeff, i hope so too. After six years its about time we see him grow up. He needs to fly. He knows how to, just do it already.

corncap, I LOVE Evil Lex! Rosenbaum is phenomenal when he's allowed to play pure evil. Like in the episode "Onyx" in season four.

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