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Friday, September 14, 2007

Smallville couple mentioned in Time Magazine

Onscreen, they’re not a couple. But that hasn’t stopped Smallville fans from clamoring for a romance between Clark Kent and his pal Chloe Sullivan for the past six years. In a recent Time magazine article, Clark and Chloe were listed as one of the top-searched Internet terms for fan fiction.

Clark and Chloe were the sixth most-searched fan fiction term during the week of Aug. 25. (Harry Potter was number one.)

Why is this newsworthy? Apparently, if frustrated TV viewers don’t get what they want onscreen from show producers, they are turning to fan fiction to find it or write it on their own. Online, fan fiction writers have crafted their own stories for “Chlark” (the couple’s nickname) and the stories have plenty of romance, the romance they aren’t seeing onscreen.

The popularity of “Chlark” fan fiction is even more astounding, when one considers that Smallville isn’t featured on one of the big four networks, and that Clark and Chloe haven’t truly dated on the show since season one. Clark has spent the past six years pining/dating Lana Lang, much to the disappointment of Chlark fans.

I admit I checked out some of the fan written Chlark stories, and some are quite good. Some, not all. The one thing that is certain is that fan writers are making Clark and Chloe fans happy.


Tim said...

Fanfiction is an odd genre...I know that people want characters on certain shows to get together, but isn't half of the fun as a viewer that anticipation of the moment that they finally do?...And isn't part of the drama that tension of not knowing when, or if, it will happen?...The oddest example, though, of fanfiction has to be the subgroup of Buffy fans who wanted to see Buffy make it with Giles...if you don't believe me, check out buffygiles.net

ashley said...

Thanks for mentioning this Jen!!
That is AMAZING!! It's not a shock however, so many people, me included, have wanted them together since season one!
Maybe this will get TPTB's attention to finally give us some Chlark.

Chlark 4 Season 7<3<3

tube talk girl said...

Tim.....EWWWWWWWWWWW!!!! Buffy & Giles? Say it ain't so. I could see a Buffy/Zander fanfic, a Buffy/Spike fanfic, even a Buffy/Willow fanfic, but this is just beyond EWWWW!

Yes, half the fun of shows is the anticipation that they'll get together. (Buffy and Angel, Ben and Felicity, Joey and Pacey, Maddie and Dave, etc.) I think the thing that is so shocking is that these two haven't had a romantic relationship, in any way, except for a couple kisses in six years. Yet, fans love them together. Perhaps the Smallville honchos know that, but honestly, they seem laser focused on Clark's romance with Lana.

I'm off to investigate this Giles/Buffy claim. I feel dirty.

tube talk girl said...

Ashley, I always believed Chloe was going to turn out to be Lois Lane, but then, of course, they introduced Lois Lane, so that theory went out the window. It seemed she fit the Lois profile well and had great chemistry with Clark. I'm hoping TPTB at least throw the Chlark fans a bone this year. They deserve it for waiting patiently!

Tim said...

I won't lie, after seeing the Buffy/Giles fanfic site I felt like I needed a Silkwood-esque hosedown...it's just gross...oh well, different strokes, right?

70sGUY said...

I think you guys are missing the big picture here. If we are staying true to the characters and the history, who is Cloe??? The comic books I read growing up never mentioned a Cloe... Or the fact that Clark Kent met Lois Lane when he was a teenager. Or the fact that Lois Lane was older then him. Time for Clarky to put on those tights and do a up, up and away and bring some life to this tired TV series...

ashley said...

70'sguy, But that is what is so great about SV's Chloe. No she wasn't in the comics but she is everything that Iconic Lois Lane is. IMO, Chloe is SV's Lois Lane.
Go Chlark<3<3

Liv said...

Aw! Thanks for posting about this! I love that despite the Superman movie and the fact there's a Lois on the show, it's Chloe and Clark that topped this list.

With the way things are going, IMO, I don't think the Chlois theory is going anywhere soon. God knows, enough people including myself firmly believe Chloe is Lois Lane, even more so since ED's Lois was introduced in the cast.

Elly said...

Thanks for posting about this. As a hard-core Chlarker, I'm hoping for Chlark to actually happen on the show this year. Could be this article will help show TPTB just how popular the pairing is:-).

tube talk girl said...

I hope so, Elly! It's obvious Clark and Chloe have a fan following, despite that they haven't ever really been a romantic couple. Maybe this is the year.

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