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Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Supermodel says so long to Dancing With the Stars

Never underestimate the judges’ influence on voters.

Supermodel Josie Maran was the first to go from Dancing With the Stars, after the judges were exceptionally harsh on her foxtrot Monday night. She was the only dancer to receive across-the-board negative reviews.

In my opinion, the criticism wasn’t deserved. She wasn’t as skilled as Sabrina or Jennie, but she certainly danced better than Wayne Newton and Marie Osmond. The fact that the judges called her an awkward mover must have spoken to voters. I’m sure Newton and Osmond’s popularity didn’t hurt either.

Her partner’s attitude may not have helped the situation either. Alec Mazo came across as rude to his partner, during the practice segments that aired. It could have been the editing that made it appear that way, but the fact is that no one wants to vote for a sourpuss. Mazo won the competition in season one with partner Kelly Monaco, but since then, had not done the show.

When asked if she’d like to say anything to the judges, Maran looked tense and restrained. She looked at the judges, as Len and Bruno jokingly covered their faces with their hands, and thanked them for their “honesty.” Bravo to Maran for taking the high road, especially when she wasn’t given a fair shake.

On exiting, Mazo told those who voted for them to give their future votes to Cameron Mathison and Edyta. Mazo is married to Edyta, who has competed every season of the show, but still hasn’t scored the Dancing With the Stars mirror-ball trophy.


steph in la said...

She was so robbed. It should have been Wayne Newton.

kara said...

I agree that Alec seemed mean. I don't remember him being like that in season one, though.

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