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Monday, May 01, 2006

Grey’s Anatomy: Chris O’Donnell, What’s in a McName?

by Jennifer Squires Biller

OK, so the new vet (Chris O’Donnell) is named Dr. Finn Dandridge. That name smacks of the Ivy League and afternoon tea, but he seems down to earth with all his horse-birthing, dog-healing ways. Still, it seems he’s been tagged with the unfortunate nickname of McVet.

Seriously, I kid you not. Meredith clearly isn’t reading Tube Talk (sniff, sniff) or she would have taken my suggestions. As silly as they were, they’re still better than McVet. No matter what you call him, Dr. Dandy (I’m just trying it out!) got Meredith to put away her knitting needles.

I was excited for Sunday’s episode, and it didn’t disappoint. You know I’m a card-carrying member of Team Addison, so I particularly enjoyed the Shepherds’ scenes. As to what actually happened in those final moments, I guess it’s open for interpretation, at least until next week. Here’s my take: I’m assuming Meredith and Pony Boy (Better? I love The Outsiders) did more than talk behind door number one, as she was wearing his shirt. Or maybe she just showered and changed. Regardless, when Derek showed up with the dog and saw Meredith’s new wardrobe choice, he seemed ticked. So, Derek returned home determined to fix the “bad sex” problem he’s having with Mrs. McDreamy. Was that shower scene with Addison his way of getting even with Meredith? Or was he so disgusted with Meredith’s behavior that he officially closed the book on her and went home to try and make a go of it with his wife?

What are your thoughts on this “steamy” development?

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Anonymous said...

Team Addison? That disappoints me... I didn't think there was anybody out there who was rooting for Meredith & McDreamy! Anyway... I think the shower scene was Derek's way of getting back at Meredith for what he's assuming she did. I also think that he now realizes she doesn't dream about him day in & day out and he can't stand the thought of it.

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