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Sunday, March 26, 2006

Grey's Anatomy: Chris O'Donnell guest stars and TV Land spoof

Move over McDreamy. Chris O’Donnell is headed to Seattle Grace, according to TV Guide.

He’s rumored to be Meredith’s new McBoytoy (love interest.) Sorry George. I’d prefer to have Mark “McSteamy” back instead, but I'll give "Robin" a shot.

As my friend Lea suggested, we need to come up with a McNickname for this new character. Pronto.

How about McLicious? Or McTasty?


OK, I’ll keep McThinking.

TV Land Awards
If you missed the TV Land Awards, I’m sorry. You missed a fun night with J.R. Ewing, the Duke Boys, Potsie and Ralph, Batman, the Cheers gang and other classic TV casts. Hollywood heavyweights Billy Crystal and Hilary Swank joined the celebration, too. Oh, did I mention Dr. McDreamy was there too? Yep, Patrick Dempsey and several of his Grey’s Anatomy costars accepted the award for Future Classic.

One of the best parts of the TV Land Awards was a parody of our favorite medical drama titled "Gray Anatomy." It spoofed some of television’s most famous classic doctors. Who got the part of McDreamy?

Well, let’s just say this classic TV doctor must have had some kind of mojo working to be so popular with the ladies because his wardrobe consisted of polyester knee-length white shorts and tube socks.

To see the hilarious Grey’s Anatomy spoof, check out the clip at Youtube.

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tvgirl13 said...

I think Chris O'Donnell is great. He went to the same high school and college as my brother and actually ended up paying for some of my brother's college education. Doesn't get more down to earth than that.

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