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Sunday, May 14, 2006

The Week in Review

by Jennifer Squires Biller

Pepper Dennis
I’m probably the only person in America watching this show. So I feel compelled to share this hilarious bit from this week’s episode. First, here’s Pepper Dennis 101: Dennis (Rebecca Romijn, formerly Stamos) is a television news reporter trying to claw her way to the highly coveted anchor position that was given to her hunky new co-worker and romantic interest (Josh Hopkins.) This week, a new news director, Les Gaye, (insert your own joke here) joined the show and immediately butted heads with the gang with his concept of “Newsatainment,” news that is entertainment based. Here’s the hilarious dialogue that made me wonder if this is what’s really happening in newsrooms across America:

“Viewers don’t want war coverage and traffic reports. They’re depressed enough. Instead, it’s our job to lighten the load, give their brains some time off. What’s up with Vaughnsted? Are Nick and Jessica splitsville because she got caught with her Daisy Dukes around her ankles? Newsatainment equals ratings.”

Hmmm…I think Les Gaye may be on to something. That’s why your’re reading this blog right?

Everybody Hates Chris
My favorite part of Everybody Hates Chris is Chris’ Dad, Julius, the always-entertaining Terry Crews. This week, the show was Julius-heavy, as the kids tried to figure out what to give him for Fathers Day. He told them he wanted nothing, and who can blame him when his typical gifts are macaroni-glued-covered slippers and homemade cologne? Turns out, my favorite coupon-cutting dad just wanted to spend the day not being a dad i.e. no wife, kids or gifts. For us, that meant Julius having the house to himself to watch bowling and do his version of the Tom Cruise underwear dance on top of the kitchen table, singing "I Will Survive" into a plastic spoon. After a few hours of private time, Julius started missing the kids and decided to join them at the movies. And yes, he had a coupon!

Scrubs: Welcome Back Coxer

This week’s Scrubs will forever be on my TiVo, right next to the Turk Poison-dance episode. The opening scene where Dr. Cox returned to work, after accidentally killing three patients and spiraling into a drunken depression, was hysterical. J.D. and the gang greeted him singing the theme from Welcome Back Kotter, while wearing Welcome Back Coxer t-shirts depicting Cox’s face. Trust me, you have to see it. Hilarious. The fantastic one-liners in this episode were too numerous to list, but this was my favorite: Elliot told Dr. Cox she had started an “I Hate Cox” chat room on the Internet. “So far it’s me, two interns and 14,000 lesbians.”



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