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Monday, May 01, 2006

Tube Talk: The week in review

by Jennifer Squires Biller

I’m trying desperately to keep up with my favorite shows for you, Tubers, but my TiVo has made me lazy. It’s just too easy to record my faves and watch them later when I have time, which seems to be never. I spent part of the weekend catching up. (I’m so far behind on Lost, that I just watched the episode where Sawyer turned into a frog murderer. Someone call PETA!) I promise to do better this week with my daily viewing, so I can stay current and make life simpler. Have you ever tried to avoid Lost spoilers for a month? Impossible, people. Impossible.

Here’s a rundown of some of my favorite shows of the week and the latest TV news:

Boston Legal: “The Biscuit” and Denny Crane
Ally McBeal
fans got a treat this week when “The Biscuit,” actor Peter MacNicol, guest starred as Denny Crane’s wacky therapist, Dr. Sydney Field. The doctor turned out to be crazier than Crane and his Mad Cow Disease combined. It took me a second to recognize MacNicol under that porn-star hair, but the moment he started ranting about his miserable life, I was taken back to the late ‘90s and visions of dancing babies, Ally and Billy and nasal whistles. I was fully expecting a Barry White tune to be cued at any moment, but instead, “the Biscuit” was packing heat. I so didn’t see that coming. His dueling-pistols bit with Denny was disturbing and hilarious all at the same time. Yes, David E. Kelley, I think you’re a genius. And how much fun was the kissing lesson between Brad and Denise? Good stuff. If you aren’t watching this show, you’re missing one of the best comedies on television. Yes, I said comedies. It may be tagged as a drama, but it has some of the funniest moments I’ve seen anywhere this year. OK, enough with the “jibber-jabber.” Moving on…

(If you’ve never watched Boston Legal, or if you’re already a fan, check out Tube Talk Girl’s original review of the show.)

Veronica Mars: Look Who’s Stalking
Tuesday’s episode had so many clever quotes, I’m convinced the writers must moonlight as comedians. Veronica’s double-entendre comments to Madison about “being on the lamb” and having the “cops crawling all over you” was one of the funniest exchanges in the show’s history. You know I love any shout out to Sheriff Lamb, and this one was phenomenal! The anti-prom was a hoot, but I was half expecting Jack McPhee to make a cameo at any moment. (Did the writers Winona Ryder the anti-prom idea from Dawson’s Creek?) Wallace finally got some lovin’ in this episode and, in the process, showed off his biceps. Has he been working out with Sheriff Lamb? But the best part was the prom scene between Veronica and Logan. Wow. Yes, Logan, I think it’s an epic story, too. Don’t worry; you’re destined to join the ranks of Felicity & Ben, Joey & Pacey and Buffy & Angel. Let’s just hope the next chapter includes another scene like the one in the hallway of Logan in those pants. (Gulp.)

How I Met Your Mother: Alexis Denisof guest stars
and Angel fans, I hope you caught Alexis Denisof on How I Met Your Mother the past couple weeks. “Wesley” without the accent is a strange thing. “Wesley” with helmet hair, priceless. And Marshall out-Barneyed Barney in this episode with his “You’ve just been lawyered” catchphrase. I predict it will soon be - wait for it- “legendary!”

The O.C.: Taylor Townsend rules
I’d practically given up on The O.C. early on this season, but the eternally perky Taylor Townsend makes Newport worth visiting again. Love her. The prom episode was good, until the end when Ryan threw away months of self-growth to once again ride to the rescue, fists flying, with no regard for the consequences. The pirate prom theme was cute, and so was Taylor’s date. I hope we see more of him and more of Theresa, too. She and Ryan have amazing chemistry. As for Summer and Seth, I guess they’re back together, if she doesn’t wake up and claim no memory from a concussion. That was some tumble she took over the balcony of the pirate ship. It’s a good thing she was loaded. The best-dressed award goes to Taylor and Theresa. Worst dressed goes to Marissa (what was that?) and Big Korea guy for that ‘70s powder-blue ruffled shirt. In the end, the episode ended typical of a bash in The O.C.: Ryan going all Mike Tyson on someone and Marissa nursing a bottle of booze. Ah, just like my high-school prom.

Las Vegas: Run, Casey, run!
From the previews, it looks as if Mary is setting her sights on Casey Manning. I’m not having it, Tubers. Say it with me, “NOOOO!” I don’t care if Mary dates Mike, Danny, Wolfgang or the entire valet team. Just keep her away from Casey. Am I the only one remembering that he and Sam supposedly are still deeply connected? Las Vegas writers, I’m begging you, help me out here. You crafted several episodes explaining the tortured love story between Sam and Casey. Now, we’re supposed to believe that Sam is just going to be OK with Mary dating her ex? I’m not buying it or this newest plot twist. I’m ready to start a Save Casey Campaign. Who’s with me?

NBC renews Las Vegas, Crossing Jordan and Medium
NBC has renewed Las Vegas, Crossing Jordan and Medium for next year. Networks will release their entire fall schedules the week of May 15.

TV on DVD sale at Target
I’m not sure if this is a nationwide promotion, or just in my area, but Target had several of my favorite TV shows on sale today and for the rest of the week. Veronica Mars, Nip/Tuck, The West Wing, and The O.C. were among the ones marked down to $22. That’s half price, folks. So, it’s at least worth checking out in your neighborhood, if you’ve been saving up for DVDs.

Veronica Mars: Neptune Navigator site
I just found a fabulous new site for Veronica Mars' fans. It’s the Neptune Navigator, also known as the school newspaper. Veronica, Logan, Dick and Madison have all written some great articles for the publication. This is a fan-based site and worth a look. Enjoy.

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