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Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Veronica Mars finale: Leave it to Beaver and the CW Easter Egg

by Jennifer Squires Biller

After reading all the hype about the Veronica Mars finale, I half expected that Rob Thomas and the gang had reinvented television as we know it. Not exactly, but they do know how to produce one enthralling hour of drama. And most importantly, they know how to tie up loose ends and answer long-running storyline questions. (Lost writers, take a note.)

It turns out that sweet, little Beaver – sorry, “Cassidy” – was actually a sociopath who blew up the bus. Unbelievable! I was spoiler free and never saw that brilliant twist coming. My money was on creepy cutie Aaron Echolls, and I love it when I’m wrong.

The reveal that Cassidy was the culprit was just one of many shockers of the night. The show was packed full of so many delicious surprises that I watched it twice to convince myself I hadn’t imagined it all. Shocker 1: Veronica really was raped last year, and Cassidy was the rapist. Shocker 2: Aaron was murdered in cold blood. Shocker 3: Duncan took out a hit on Aaron to avenge his sister’s death. Shocker 4: Jackie has a kid and isn’t a priveledged 09er after all. And Shocker 5: Beaver killed Curly and committed suicide, but not before murdering Woody by blowing up his plane.

Whew! That was a lot of plot to jam into one hour. And we got lots of other juicy tidbits, too.I loved Veronica’s dream sequence that brought back Duncan and Lilly Kane and showed how life would have been if Lilly had never been murdered. (Does anyone else miss Duncan as much as I do?) I loved Vinnie working with Keith to bring down Woody. But Sheriff Lamb, who I usually adore in all his evilness, is now on Tube Talk Girl’s list. (Yes, I have a list.) How could Lamb be so heartless as to arrest Weevil at the graduation ceremony before he had the chance to graudate. His grandma was watching! That was cold, even for luscious Lamb. I also loved that Woody was watching The Dukes of Hazzard on television. (Yes, Tube Talk Girl is a Duke-loving geek.)

Did you catch the clever Easter egg during Duncan’s phone conversation with Clarence Wiedman about whether the hit was successful? I can only assume this was a hint from the writers to anxious fans everywhere about the future of the show on the new CW network next year.

Here’s the dialogue:

Duncan (answering his ringing cell phone): “CW?”
Clarence Wiedman: “It’s a done deal.”

Hilarious! Nothing has been officially announced yet, but that line gives me hope, Tubers.

The best scene of the finale was the showdown between Beaver, Veronica and Logan on the roof. (And to think that I actually felt sorry for the Beav earlier this year when his father treated him like he was invisible.) I didn’t put together that Beav had raped Veronica, until the rooftop scene, although Veronica throwing up after she realized Beav was in Woody’s photo should have clued me in.

There was only one other place in the finale that I felt like I’d missed something. Logan and Veronica were barely speaking in the last episode, after she found him with Kendall, then cut to Logan and Veronica making out in the hallway after the rooftop scene. Huh? I guess crisis does really bond you. I’m not complaining, mind you. LoVe rules. It wasn’t lost on me that Veronica was with Logan in her dream sequence, instead of Duncan.

The final scene left Veronica waiting at the airport. Keith stood her up to talk with Kendall about whatever was in that suitcase. Let the speculation begin! Whatever is in that suitcase has to be big, and not as in big with a lot of zeros. I refuse to believe that Keith would stand up Veronica for cash. I’m guessing the suitcase contents have something to do with the Fitzpatricks and Kendall’s shady past.

The finale was fabulous, not nearly as heart-stopping as season one’s finale, which will forever be on Tube Talk Girl’s list of best season finales ever, but this was one great, too.

Now, for those of you who still have burning questions after the finale, here are some tidbits from a fabulous interview with Rob Thomas at TV Guide: Jackie is all done. So is Cassidy. And so is Duncan.

Noooo!!!!! Why, Tubers, why? Teddy Dunn is fabulous and there is room for more than one leading man in a show. (Hello, Brandon and Dylan, Ben and Noel, Pacey and Dawson, Jack and Sawyer…)

So there it is, season two of Veronica Mars is over as we know it. You can send Zoloft to Tube Talk Girl at …Wait, where was I? Oh, yes, keep your fingers crossed for season three, folks, and let’s hope the CW execituves enjoyed the finale as much as I did.


Scooter said...

I was hoping the Duncan-CW exchange was less an easter egg and more a blatant admission that Ronnie and the crew will get a third season.

tube talk girl said...

Yeah that would be nice, wouldn't it? Maybe they already know, but can't say anything yet. Fingers crossed!

Anonymous said...

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