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Monday, July 02, 2007

John Stamos says he is not a drunk

John Stamos wants you to know that he doesn’t have a problem with alcohol, despite that bizarre appearance on an early morning talk show in Australia to promote ER.

In the interview, Stamos seemed disoriented, made an obscene gesture, jokingly insulted the host’s dress, and exhibited other odd behavior.

Stamos talked to TV Guide Monday about the incident, saying once again it was jet lag, lack of sleep, and the over-the-counter sleep medicine Ambien - not alcohol - that triggered his strange behavior.

“I was not drinking. I did not drink either morning,” Stamos told TV Guide. “I do not have an alcohol problem. I am not David Hasselhoff. This is not a pattern.”

(I would have gone with a Danny DeVito reference, myself, but whatever.)

Stamos said he did visit a strip club and had a Guinness beer his first night down under, but that he absolutely was not drunk during the TV appearance. He had serious jet lag, due to a trek through New York, New Orleans, Japan and Greece, before hitting Australia, he said. (He had been vacationing in Greece with his former Full House cast mate Bob Saget, TV Guide reported.)

Stamos has learned his lesson about taking Ambien and not getting a full eight-hours of sleep, he said. But, he’s worried that his reputation has been tarnished.

I’m not sure what advice Uncle Jesse would give in this situation, but I’m pretty sure he’d say we all make mistakes and all should be forgiven. Besides, the horror of having that appearance forever immortalized on You Tube is punishment enough.

It’s OK, Uncle Jesse. We still love you.

To watch the video and see the original story, click here.


Kara said...

I'm with you Tube Talk Girl, my Uncle Jesse love knows no bounds.

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