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Thursday, July 12, 2007

Don't Forget the Lyrics is my kind of show

Commentary with a Co-Ed
by Ashley Gouveia

OK, I have to confess. I, Ashley, am a professional shower singer. I try to belt out, to the best of my ability, everything from the Manilow to the Jovi, Bohemian Rhapsody to My Heart Will Go On. I’m also known to mix it up with some of my contemporary faves like Nickelback and Lifehouse, on occasion while I’m sudsing up. So, when I heard about the new game show Don’t Forget the Lyrics, I knew this was my idea of entertainment.

The concept of trying to remember the lyrics to some of the best songs of all time while playing for a million dollars enticed me to tune in. Host Wayne Brady is icing on the cake. The guy is hysterical! I loved him on Whose Line is it Anyway?, and he doesn’t disappoint in this new gig.

Here’s the basic premise: Contestants gets a chance to win a million dollars if they remember the lyrics to ten classic songs from all different genres. In true game-show fashion, the player is also supplied with three lifelines…oops, I mean backups. The tough part is that not only does the player have to know the lyrics, they have to sing them as well. Talk about karaoke times 1,000! Singing in the shower is one thing, but in front of a live audience and millions of others at home is another. Contestants should get money just for having the guts to do it in the first place, if you ask me.

The contestant last night was Katie Moeser, a self-proclaimed geek who plans on spending her winnings on the best microscope and ant farm money can buy. I would have gone for a new car or a tropical vacation but hey, good for her. She had reached $50,000 by the end of the night. She bravely sang Madonna’s Material Girl and Jackson Five’s ABC. Brady even joined in as backup to the Jackson Five hit, which was a something to see.

The show ended with Moeser picking her next category: classic rock. Tonight, she will go on to try for the million. This show is a lot of fun to watch. Especially when you have some friends over. Everyone can sing-a-long with the contestants, without having to worry about how awful you sound or if you get the lyrics wrong. Because let’s face it, everyone makes up some of their own words from time to time.

The only thing I would change about this show is the length. A half hour is way too short for me. But, I guess that’s normal for game shows.

Tune in to see if Katie takes it all home at 8:30/7:30 ET on FOX. Until then, I’ll stick to singing in the shower and then enjoy watching the brave souls sing their hearts out for money.


tube talk girl said...

Ashley, I love Wayne Brady, so I tuned in for the first few minutes. But, the singers are... well, how do I put this...I wanted to cut off my ears. :)

ashley said...

I know!:) But i think that's the fun of it. But it takes a lot of guts for them to go up there. Or a lot of money:)

Anonymous said...

I have been playing this game for years with friends. I am so glad they finally realized that it would be great for television!

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