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Thursday, July 12, 2007

Smallville casts Supergirl

Photo: Laura Vandervoot

Clark Kent won’t be the only alien in Smallville this season. His cousin, Supergirl, aka Kara, is joining the show to “shake things up,” series creator Al Gough told TV Guide.

Playing the part of young Kara is Instant Star actress Laura Vandervoot. She’s blonde. She’s beautiful. And she apparently has all of Clark’s abilities, and some he doesn’t yet. Supergirl can fly.

Kara was allegedly sent to Earth all those years ago in a spaceship, too. However, she’s been stuck in suspended animation for 16 years, TV Guide reported. Her story arc will include getting acclimated to Earth’s little pleasures, from iPods to shoes.

I’m sure watching Supergirl adjust to Earth will be fun, but I don’t want Clark’s story to suffer because of it. Smallville is the tale of young Superman, not young Supergirl. If Gough and the gang can manage to keep the show focused on Clark, while giving us some humor with his cousin, then great. But, I don’t want to see Clark Kent playing a supporting role to the new girl.

In related news, the new editor of The Daily Planet was cast recently, and it’s not Dean Cain. In fact, it’s someone who doesn’t look old enough to be a reporter, let alone an editor. Actor Michael Cassidy, who you’ll recognize as The O.C.’s Zach and also from Hidden Palms, won the part. He’s supposedly a love interest for Lois.

I know. I know. Lois gets around. I’ve made peace with it.


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