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Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Star Jones Reynolds had gastric-bypass surgery

Star Jones Reynolds, former cohost of The View has admitted that she underwent gastric-bypsss surgery to lose weight.

Reynolds’ shrinking size has been the topic of speculation for the last two years because she evaded questions about her weight-loss method. But, finally, Reynolds is coming clean.

She discusses her weight loss in the September issue of Glamour magazine, hitting newsstands on Aug. 7.

At her heaviest, Reynolds tipped the scale at 307 pounds, the Associated Press reported. Reynolds said she went from just overweight to morbidly obese, after gaining 75 pounds after her 40th birthday.

I don’t think this is shocking news to anyone, considering how rapidly Reynolds went from a plus size to a lollipop girl. But kudos to her for finally admitting that she didn’t lose the weight the old-fashioned way.

For the complete story in Glamour, click here.


Anonymous said...

Finally... the truth... she is a lair. Yeah, she lost all that weight, but she still has a big fat head. F*** You, Star... you fat liar.

Anonymous said...

What a wench! How dare her mislead the public for 4 years! She has a responsibility as a public figure to be honest about this as there are women out there that think they can achieve the same thing in the same amount of time, which is not humanly possible without this surgery. She didnt "intentionally leave out" the fact that she had gastric bypass, she flat out lied.

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