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Thursday, July 05, 2007

Big Brother returns tonight, can I get a "Woo-Hoo?"

Commentary with a Co-Ed
by Ashley Gouveia

TV voyeurs and reality show lovers, it’ s that time of year again: Big Brother is back with season eight and 14 new houseguests. It’s sure to keep us entertained through the summer nights.

Big Brother is my favorite reality show and my one summer addiction. (Well, that, and any flavor ice cream I can get my hands on.) I love the show. It has a group of strangers trapped together, strategy, drama and backstabbing, just like an episode of Lost, but without Sawyer.

Every season, I wish that I could tell my favorite houseguest what to do. Last season with the All Stars, I wanted nothing more than to tell Janelle not to trust Dr. Will and Mike “Boogie.” But I had to accept it and watch as the evil doctor and his sidekick took control over the house. But not this year!

In a cool new twist, one player in the house is designated as “America’s Player.” Unbeknownst to the rest of the house, this player will take orders from the audience.

Hmmm…I hope America is kind. I can only imagine the twisted orders this player is going to receive.

After each episode, we’ll be able to cast our votes online, deciding what we want the houseguest to do. It could be either a strategic move or a personal one.

This new interactive part sounds like a fun twist. To me, it’s always more interesting when the viewers get a chance to be involved. That’s why I liked the past seasons America’s Choice.

Another twist that is sure to dish out some major drama is what many people would consider their worst nightmare. This season, some of the houseguests will be living with an enemy or rival. I don’t know about you, but if I was stuck in a house with a person I couldn’t stand, I’d volunteer to be evicted. This might be worse than the living-with-your-ex twist from season four.

It’s sure to be an interesting summer in the Big Brother house. Season eight premieres tonight 8 p.m. ET/PT on CBS. I’m going to be glued to my TV every week to find out who will take home the grand prize. I can’t wait!


Anonymous said...

woo-hoo to one of the best reality shows ever! It is such a summer treat watching all of those wacky people.

ashley said...

I know what you mean:) It's such a great summer show! I always enjoy it. Thanks for commenting!

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