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Friday, July 20, 2007

Meet TAMI, a new TV ratings system

At the Television Critics Association press tour, journalists were introduced to TAMI, a new TV ratings index. The term TAMI means “total audience measurement index.”

Now that TV fans have alternative ways to watch their favorite shows, (iTunes, Webisodes, TiVo, etc.) networks are realizing that their ratings numbers are not highly accurate. Shocking, huh?

I’m not sure why it’s taken this long for them to realize that Nielsen is not an indicator of TV show popularity, but I digress. (I’ll hold off on my Nielsen rant for another day.)

There hasn’t been much press on TAMI, so I can’t tell you when or if it will be used, and by whom, or if it’s already in play. I can tell you that it will measure viewers who watch on the Web and those who record programs and watch them later on TiVos or DVRs.

Kudos to the networks for realizing that the out-dated ratings system needs an overhaul. If TAMI had come sooner, perhaps we wouldn’t have had to say goodbye to some great shows. (R.I.P. Veronica Mars and Invasion.) And perhaps it will save some quality shows from the chopping block in the future.

So, I’m rolling out the welcome mat for Tami. Heck, I’m so excited, I may even bake some muffins for the “welcome” basket.


ryan said...

If it means the end of the ancient Nielsen system, then I'm in. Nielsens haven't reflected what people watch in decades.

Jo said...

maybe they will open statistics up world wide as well, not all viewers are american

Juan said...

Good point, Jo! We watch television here in Spain, too.

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