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Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Good times going down on the "NightShift"

Commentary with a Co-Ed
by Ashley Gouveia

When I heard that General Hospital was creating a spin-off called NightShift I was ecstatic. What could be better than getting an extra hour of Dr. McHottie, aka Dr. Patrick Drake?


Okay, I’m going to calm myself down now, stop fantasizing about Jason Thompson, and tell you about my first impressions of the new nighttime soap.

I am hooked! It has aired only one episode, and I’m already sucked into the storylines. What I love about this show is that we get to see some of the characters that, unfortunately, don’t get a lot of airtime during the day. Frankly, we don’t get to see enough of the hospital as much as I would like. But what’s awesome about NightShift is that Patrick and Robin are in the forefront, taking on the hectic ER. Yay, it’s not all about the mob! Don’t get me wrong I like looking at Jason and Sonny just as much as the rest, but it’s nice to take a break from their storylines and give others a chance to shine.

Speaking of Stone Cold, I was wondering why Jason was even on this show. His character of being Sonny’s hit man seemed a little out of place. But when I realized that the burn victim he rescued (that Jason, always the hero!) turned out to be none other than a woman with the last name Barrett it all came together. Brenda Barrett was Jason’s wife once upon a time, and I don’t think they ever got divorced. I know Vanessa Marcil is on Las Vegas, so I’m not sure if she’s reprising the role. I really hope they don’t pull the old ‘her face was burned so we can get a new actor’ trick. Or perhaps it’s another Barrett entirely; Julia Barrett was once a presence in Port Charles.

I have to applaud whoever hired Bradford Anderson for the role of Spinelli. The guy is a genius! Spinelli has made me laugh since his first day on GH, and he continues to do so on NightShift. His interaction with everyone on the cast is filled with laugh-out-loud moments. I love his little nicknames for everyone. The Jackal certainly does not disappoint.

There was one thing, or should I say three, that were a little annoying. The new student nurses, or as I like to call them, The Pink Nurses. I guess with a new show comes new characters. But do they have to be irritating? The only one I can really tolerate is Regina. It looks like her character has a little more substance besides just flirting and gossiping. Poor girl had to be sent to the morgue when the body decides to come back to life. That’s going to take up some hours in therapy.

Think of the NightShift as a combination of Grey’s Anatomy and ER. There’s a lot of drama, both medical and personal, and constant action. This is definitely a show not to be missed. Even if you’re not a General Hospital fan you can still get hooked! NightShift airs every Thursday on SOAPnet at 11 PM ET.
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tube talk girl said...

Ashley, I'm hooked, too. It's a bit confusing that we're supposed to ignore that Jason is in jail on GH, though.

I love that the hospital is back in the show, and not just the mob.

And I loved Rie Sinclair's musical take on the song Nightshift that played.

Ashley said...

Yeah, the timeline is a little confusing. But the way Jason has been acting lately on GH I like think that NightShift Jason is the real Jason.

Maybe GH Jason is an imposter! Okay, wishful thinking. That's Days of our Lives not GH.

I knew that was Rie Sinclair singing at the end. That song was really good. Can't wait to see tonight's episode!

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