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Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Let’s Talk TV: The Week in Review

Never in all of my TV-viewing life would I have predicted that Friday night would be the best night for TV viewing. But it’s true. Friday is the new Thursday.

With shows such as Friday Night Lights, Las Vegas, Moonlight, Psych, and Monk, there is a show for pretty much every TV taste. Here’s my take on some of the shows I checked out the past week.

Friday Night Lights
Tim loves Lyla! I should have seen it coming, but I didn’t. His crank call to her radio show was the equivalent of pulling the little girl’s ponytail in grade school to get her attention. But what about Jason? It seems his role gets smaller and smaller by the week. Tim isn’t the only feeling lonely. Poor Matt saw his ladylove and hired nurse head out of the country. Who is going to take care of Grandma now? I worry about these things. Not to mention, I keep waiting for that scary drug dealer to realize that Tim stole his cash. That is not going to end well for Tim. (I was completely shocked to see Tim resort to stealing, since he wrote his father off in a previous episode for stealing, an act he did not condone.) The story that really warmed my heart was Santiago trying to break away from his old life. When he took on those thugs to get Buddy’s watch back that they’d stolen, my heart grew three sizes. This is the best show on television right now, hands down. It never disappoints. It has so many intense story arcs, yet they all hold my interest. From Tami and Eric trying to leave their new daughter at daycare, to Smash facing racism about his interracial romance, not a minute ticks by when I feel like fast-forwarding. In fact, the show leaves me satisfied and surprised every week that so many story arcs are played out so well. I have only one question: Where is Tyra? The girl has been missing for the past two weeks?

Boston Legal
Denny Crane was back in the courtroom, despite his Mad Cow disease. (Or senility, as it’s known in the non-Denny Crane world.) I was holding my breath for most of the episode, waiting for Denny to throw out one of his nonsensical one-liners or anger the judge with his sexist comments to the point he’d be jailed for contempt. But Denny kept it together, trying to prove he could still be effective, and surprisingly, got his client off. I enjoyed Denny in the courtroom. It was nice to see him doing something besides sexually harassing his employees or bonding with Alan. It was also a nice change to see someone other than uber-liberal Alan Shore arguing a closing. I even got a little weepy, after the trial, when Denny excused himself for a quiet moment and broke down. Most often, Boston Legal is a comedy. But when it hits dramatic moments like that one, it’s understandable why the show was nominated for an Emmy.

Las Vegas
I think Polly may be my new favorite character. In fact, she may be the funniest supporting actress on television. Her stint in traffic school with Sam and Mitch was the highlight of this week’s episode. How Polly gets her hysterical one-liners past the network police is beyond me. Plus, she’s taught me more about bikini waxing and “backdoor bleaching” than I ever wanted to know. The Piper/Cooper story was fantastic, too. Mike had me convinced that Piper was Cooper’s daughter. She does share the same irresistible dimples as Tom Selleck. I think a Mike and Piper hook up is inevitable, and I can’t wait. The Danny/Delinda pregnancy story is getting tiresome. I shudder to think what will happen when she actually gives birth.

One Tree Hill
Dan was in the house! Well, technically, he was in the big house rocking some serious facial hair. But still, after last week’s episode that was completely devoid all the Tree Hill adults I’d come to love, I was happy to see Dan again. Now, if Deb and Karen would just check in. Peyton’s new music label may be in trouble. K-Fed, really? P Sawyer is losing her touch already. And how about the shocker that Daphne Zuniga’s character is actually Brooke’s mother? I so didn’t see that coming. Oh, and a here’s some advice for “Lucas’ Lindsey”: I wouldn’t get too comfortable in Tree Hill. With Peyton and Brooke back in town, it won’t be long before Lucas is revisiting his old territory soon. Kudos to Nate for shaving his Jesus beard. Now, if he would just cut that hair, I’d be a happy woman. It’s never a good think when your wife’s hair is shorter than yours.

Scott Baio is 46… and Pregnant
If Scott Baio wanted to convince the world he is a giant tool, mission accomplished. Each episode, Baio comes off as more arrogant and selfish than the one before. His pregnant fiancée is dealing with hormones, her changing body, and the stress of carrying a baby, while Baio exiles himself to a different wing of the house to whine about losing himself, while flipping through his vintage Playboys to look at his ex-girlfriends. I’m done with this show. Grow up Chachi! Someone needs to call the Fonz to shake some sense into this immature brat.

OK, what’s up with all the grisly? Yes, I know this is a show about vampires, but decapitating people and holding their heads up for viewing, twice no less, was a little much. The show was too gruesome for me this week. I was happy to see Coraline back, but sadly, it looks like she’s gone again. Beth was still mourning Josh, and Mick was enjoying being human for the first time in decades. Of course, it was only temporary. I just have one request for the Moonlight folks: We need more Josef in this show!


Tim said...

I think Riggins was able to rationalize his theft because he was stealing from a drug dealer. Also, it was necessary to keep their house. When his father stole, he stole from the football team. That team is more family to Riggins than his father is.

I must confess, I am a new Friday Night Lights addict. I had never watched it, then I took a chance on season 1 on dvd (poor writers). Now, I'm hooked. I've watched all of season 2 online (again, poor writers).

TTG, you've never steered me wrong where a show is concerned.

tube talk girl said...

Welcome to the fold, Tim! I love this show, and I'm not usually a fan of sports-related shows.

Your argument about Tim is an excellent one. I think you're on to something, but wow, I'm concerned about the other shoe dropping. That drug dealer is straight-jacket crazy!

weevils wobble said...

Scott Baio is the biggest whiner I've ever seen. You're right TTG, his selfishness knows no bounds.

I was surprised at K-Fed on OTH. He wasn't half bad.

Wasn't that Weevil from Veronica on FNL as Santiago's friend?

Mason said...

Jen, Polly on Las Vegas always makes me laugh out loud too. I rewind and watch her lines several times just to catch them all.

I couldn't believe her comment about the waxing and the "heart shaped B---" and then the "backdoor bleaching." She is downright hilarious.

Tim said...

What is 'backdoor bleaching'?

TTG, can you explain that?

BTW, I am on pins and needles waiting for the crazy Meth-head to come after Riggins.

tube talk girl said...

Um, OK, how do I explain this tactfully? I don't think it's possible. So, I'll just put it out there.

Apparently, there are some folks who visit the cosmetologist to remove the hair from their butt crack (backdoor waxing) and then there are those who think that is too painful and opt to simply bleach it (backdoor bleaching.) You're heard of facial hair bleaching for women, right? It's sort of the same thing, except it's not done on your face.

Can I make you appointment to try it out? :)

That meth head had better leave my Tim alone. The kid has had enough heartbreak.

Tim said...

Should I tell you that I knew what it was? I really just wanted to see you try to awkwardly explain it to me. Good job! Way to handle the pressure!

That is why you are my favorite writer/blogger!

And no, I don't think I'll be needing an appointment. :) I'm happy with the way I am.

tube talk girl said...

That was just too cruel to make me go through all that.

So 'fess up. You do it on a regular basis don't you?

steph in LA said...

LMAO at this "backdoor bleaching" conversation. I can't believe people really do that, especially the waxing. Ouch! I thought a bikini wax was painful, but that would be unbearable.

Tim said...

You got me. I make an appointment once a month to have it done.

Vanity, thy name is Tim.

Actually TTG, you're the one with all of the 'inside info' on the process. Makes one wonder...

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