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Sunday, January 13, 2008

Charisma Carpenter makes BIG splash on Big Shots

I’m rarely surprised these days when it comes to television. But this week’s episode of Big Shots shocked me to the point where I had to rewind several scenes.

And believe me, that’s a good thing.

Since the inception of Big Shots, we’ve all heard Brody go on and on about his pushy, overbearing wife, Janelle, who keeps him on such a tight leash, he can barely go to the bathroom. Episode after episode, he whined about this heinous woman who emasculates him, and I asked myself why he stayed with such a spoiled, selfish woman.

So, it didn’t exactly shock me when Brody began flirting with a stunning new character with a flat tire, who he stopped to help. (Hello Charisma Carpenter!) He talked about his empty marriage. She talked about her empty relationship and how she felt alone all the time. She offered a hotel romp. He said no; he couldn’t cheat on his wife. (That was until his wife called later complaining that the teak wood in her latest project was actually walnut or some other wood that apparently was not to her liking.)

Cut to Brody and Charisma in bed after the deed. He says he wants his wife back, and she kisses him. Later, the two met and discussed their “best anniversary” ever.


That’s right. Flat-tire girl was actually Janelle. Brilliant!

No wonder Brody put up with all her craziness.

TV viewers love Charisma, and it’s great to see her doing her thing again. Plus, this episode gave Brody more depth than he had all season and finally an interesting storyline. More please, Rob Thomas!


skst said...

"No wonder Brody put up with all her craziness." Ha, yeah, no kidding. :)

Anonymous said...

She can nag me all she wants.

Anonymous said...

all hail Queen C. ;D

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