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Thursday, January 03, 2008

Commentary with a Co-ed: The Best of 2007

by Ashley Gouveia

Happy New Year! It’s time for my Best of 2007 list.

It was certainly a year to remember, with the returning favorites trying to remain fresh and on the radar. Then there were new shows on the block that gave some of the oldies a run for their money. Here are my top picks that kept me glued to the tube all year long.

Ugly Betty
This is one show that passed the sophomore slump with flying colors. It’s also the only show that doesn’t make me want to throw my remote. It has been able to sustain its wit and charm , while saving room for the dramatic. They took some risks with killing off Santos and putting Henry and Betty together so quickly. But they pulled it off. Hilda and Justin were able to mourn Santos, and he simply wasn’t forgotten about after one or two episodes. A+ for that! I adore every character on this show. Even the newcomers like Gio and Yoga. Put that together with the brilliance that is Judith Light and that, to me, is a fantastic hour of television.

It’s probably the most underrated show on TV. The acting and the writing is some of the best I’ve seen on a ‘supernatural’ show since Buffy. It has the ability to gross me out, scare me, and make me laugh. Not only are Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles great to look at, but also their performances are top notch. The sibling bond that those two have is so believable. This past year we got to see the Winchesters try to take down as many demons, and other things that go bump in the night, before Dean’s one-year life limit is up. I would put this show under any ‘best of’ list.

Hands down, the best new show of 2007. I am so glad I decided to pick up this series and give it a chance. Alex O’Loughlin and Jason Dohring are the hottest vamps since Angel and Spike. But don’t get it confused with any Whedon series because it’s completely different. The chemistry between Mick and Beth makes this show great to watch every week. I didn’t think another vampire show would pull me in but it did. I am so excited to see where it goes in the new year.

The View
I usually don’t have a lot of time for daytime television. Except for my soaps, of course. I wasn’t an avid watcher of the show until Rosie O’Donnell joined the panel. Say what you want about her opinions, but she is hysterical. I found myself constantly tuning in when I *cough* missed my morning lectures. Hot Topics was a must see, whether they were discussing politics or celebrity buzz. However, if you tune in now, it’s like night and day. It doesn’t have the same vibe like it did with Rosie.

Those are my picks for the Best of ‘07. What am I looking forward to in the New Year? The return of scripted TV. Do I dare to dream? I’m pumped for new seasons of Lost and One Tree Hill. I can’t wait! What would be on your Best of ‘07 list? Let me know! ‘Til next week.

Commentary with a Co-Ed is a weekly column at Tube Talk new every Thursday.


tube talk girl said...

I've got to weigh in here. Pushing Daisies is on my list for Best New Show of 2007.

Also, Nip/Tuck and Friday Night Lights never disappoint.

ashley said...

jen, i knew Pushing Daisies would be on the list! It looks like a really good show. I need to find the time to sit down and watch.
It seems like a show that would suck me in into their world.

Kara said...

I think Lost is among the best of the year. And Grey's Anatomy, too. Both are consistently good.

maryp said...

I totally agree with Moonlight being the best new show. I'm so thankful that CBS let it develope because it's gotten better with every episode. I can't even imagine what the future will hold!! That is if we ever get the OFFICIAL renewal word!! And the MickBeth chemistry is electric!

ashley said...

kara, Lost was amaxing last season. The whole flashforward thing at the end was shocking. It's been so long since the show has been on. Can't wait for it to come back.

maryp, a fellow Moonlight fan! Yay! I love this show. I hope we get to see more Josef, like in the last new episode. That was sooo good.

wwg said...

I must agree with Supernatural being one of the most underrated shows. The writing is excellent and the acting is great.

Moonlight sounds like a show I could get into.

I've tried watching Pushing Daisies but can't seem to get into it. It's based on quite a strange premise. My hubby loves it though.

I noticed the absence of Smallville - perfectly understandable.

ashley said...

wwg, i knew you would agree on Supernatural;) You should defintely check out Moonlight. It's such a great show.

You know how much i love Smallville. But I couldn't put it on the list as being one of the best. It's been uneven for me. Now if this was during season 5, i wouldn't have thought twice about putting it on the list. That was an amazing season!

Anonymous said...

Supernatural IS so underrated it's nice to hear someone give it the credit it deserves!

ashley said...

i'm always glad to write about shows that deserve attention that they're not getting. I just got Supernatural the second season on DVD for Christmas and i'm rewatching it. That season was amazing! Funny, scary and emotional.

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