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Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Scott Baio is 45 and single and now we know why

The new reality show on VH1 titled Scott Baio is 45 … and Single should have been called Scott Baio is 45 and single … because he’s a jerk to women.

In the debut episode, Baio met with a life coach and did some soul searching as to why he’s middle aged and never been married. It’s evident from the first few sit-downs with his former girlfriends that Baio is a commitment-phobe who has had problems with fidelity.

Still, I can’t stop watching. Yes, I may need a life coach after watching this train wreck, but the show is uber-entertaining. It’s my new TV crack.

In the premiere, we learned that Baio hates Happy Days reunions, fan gatherings, autograph signings and all things related to his Chachi past. Frankly, that hurts a little. That show and his fans are the reason he’s living a cushy lifestyle and has dated most of the hot woman in Hollywood.

The real irony here is that Baio cashed in on those Happy Days ties throughout the premiere episode, first sitting down with costar and former girlfriend Erin Moran, attending an autograph session, calling former costar Henry Winkler, and accidentally running into Ron Howard’s brother, Clint, at his agent’s office.

Baio came off during this show as not particularly likeable. He seemed narcissistic and rude, and not just about his Happy Days background. Moran even called him out on his self-involved behavior, asking him if he even liked people. Go Joanie!

I hate celebrity-based reality television because it breaks the fourth wall. After seeing actors’ true personalities, it’s sometimes difficult to ever enjoy their character performances again.

I’ll never look at Chachi the same way, after watching this new show. Perhaps that’s Baio’s goal, to rid himself of the Chachi image that still follows him 30 years later and finally adjust to life as a normal guy.

Complicating things for Baio is the fact that his life coach has ordered him not to see his girlfriend for two months, while he sorts out his relationship issues and deals with his past. The scene where he broke the news to his girlfriend seemed a little scripted and awkward. She then turned the tables on him, telling him at the end of this journey he must commit or she’s done. In other words, cough up the engagement bling Baio or hit the curb.

Those of you who haven’t seen the show yet, Baoi has a cigar-smoking, golf-playing entourage of sorts, a group of pals who he uses as a sounding board about his latest troubles. Wonder Years star Jason Hervey is among the group, as well as one of the most annoying guys I’ve ever witnessed, Baio’s pal Johnny. He’s so completely rude I have to wonder if he’s acting over-the-top just to provide some drama.

In upcoming episodes, Baio will once again confront his past. He’ll revisit former Charles in Charge costar Nicole Eggert and former Baywatch star Erika Eleniak. And according to the previews, he and pal Johnny may be headed for a break.

Will Baio work out his issues? Will he have Happy Days again? I’m not sure, but I know I’ll be watching.

To read an interview with Baio about his new show, click here.


Big Tuna said...

Jen, I agree that this show is crazy addictive. And Baio is such a tool. Who knew?

He was so rude to the life coach with that, "You're done." And the way he masterminded that scheme with his friend to get him out of the autograph signing...geesh, what a jerk. Erin Moran was on to something. I don't think he likes people.

He seems so obsessed with looks and his bachelor life. I say run, girl, run. Do you really want a committment from this dude?

greeniswhorish said...

I love Scott Baio. Damn the dude is still hot.

I hate his entourage though. It's like a bunch of college guys. Grow up, already.

Ryan in OC said...

I think Baio is messed up. What guy wouldn't be when he has a history of picking girls out of Playboy and ordering them for his pleasure? It's gotta all be downhill from there. No wonder he's having a mid-life crisis.

OBX rules said...

I remember watching the Happy Days reunion special, and he seemed like he didn't want to be there. He sat away from everyone and hardly uttered a word. Get over yourself, dude.

Joe said...

If this guy is having a mid-life crisis, what chance to the rest of us have? I'm off to buy a sports car.

Anonymous said...

I was at the LG Mobile Phone
party at the Paramount studio's
When Scott showed up with his girlfriend.I dont know for sure
but it really looked like he has
a bun in the oven. Before Scott
even got on the red carpet Johnny
Was at his side. So I think the show is a lot more "set up" or scipted then it supposed to look, Its time people start realizing "reality show" doean't mean "100% real"

tube talk girl said...

Thanks for the scoop Anonymous!

Amen to "reality" not being "reality." I found it really hard to believe that he "accidentally" ran into Clint Howard and that Johnny is such a tool. It seemed scripted to me, too.

Scooter McGavin said...

Yeah, I tuned in, those ads VH1 ran constantly conned me in to checking the show out even though I avoid these types of shows at all cost. Well that and in my youth I had a huge crush on Eggert during the Charles in Charge era.

The show is entertaining in that it is totally scripted kind of way, c'mon, they shot the "private" conference with his agent The Office style through the blinds and the cameras were already in his first love's house when her daughter opened the door as well as the whole Clint Howard thing. Although the show is a little long and could be better as a half hour show. Plus I am really disappointed that Willie Aaimes isn't part o his "Entorage".

theTVaddict said...

Since I don't get VH1 up here in Canada, I couldn't watch this train wreck... even though even if I could I probably wouldn't, because I'm not a huge fan of reality TV... That said. I absolutely love your first paragraph. Classic. Too bad VH1 probably won't be using it to promote the show!

tube talk girl said...

Scooter, Willie Ames would have been great! What happened to him?

tube talk girl said...

TV Addict, I'm so sorry you don't get it. Well, maybe it's better that you don't. :) (See the aforementioned first paragraph.)

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