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Thursday, March 23, 2006

Veronica Mars moves back to Tuesdays

Veronica Mars returns to its original Tuesday 9 p.m. timeslot starting April 11, UPN announced Thursday.

Can I get a woo hoo? Maybe the show will do a little better now in the ratings. Not going head-to-head with two of the most popular shows on the tube, Lost and American Idol, can only help Veronica and her pals. That’s the hope of the network and legions of fans that are praying the show gets picked up by the new CW network.

UPN will air repeats of the new shows on Wednesday nights at 9 p.m. for the first couple weeks, until viewers get used to the new schedule, according to the UPN press release. Bravo UPN!

The Veronica Mars season finale is scheduled for Tuesday, May 9.

In other Veronica Mars news, I’ll be chatting with series creator Rob Thomas and luscious Logan Echolls (Jason Dohring) on Tuesday, so send me any questions you have about the show and the characters. Send those questions to jennifer@tube-talk.com or leave them in the comments section. (And no, “Logan, how did you get so gorgeous?” does not qualify as a good question! he he he)

And in one final bit of Veronica Mars news, UPN is offering dedicated fans the chance to be seen on national television. Here’s the press release from the network about this cool offer. Good luck!

"Every week, get a group of friends together for a Veronica Mars viewing party and shoot some video of your event. The tape can include anything you want: sound bites of your friends talking about their favorite characters, you saying why you love Veronica Mars, or a group shout-out to your friends and family in your hometown. But keep it clean, because your tape could end up airing on UPN during an episode of Veronica Mars!

Every week starting in April, tune in to Veronica Mars on UPN to see if your party is chosen as the featured party that airs during that week’s episode. Even if your party doesn’t make it on UPN, make sure to check out UPN.com to see if it is online. Creativity counts and don’t forget to express why you are the biggest Veronica Mars fan. This is an excellent opportunity to convert your friends into Veronica Mars fans! Please keep in mind that if your video is broadcast on TV, it will need to be brightly lit and the audio will need to be clear. Also, in order to ensure that we can use it, the video can’t include any copyrighted materials, such as logos on clothing, music or television programming playing in the background, or signage, like posters, paintings, photographs, and etc. The featured parties will run during a commercial break and UPN’s producers will be editing your footage into an on-air promo, so the tape only needs to be a few minutes long. Finally, depending on your home video camera, VHS, mini-DV or DVD are best. In order for UPN to be able to use your tape on air or on UPN.com, you and all of your friends at the party need to sign releases and provide a current photograph of each of you so we can identify who everyone is.

If you are interested in submitting a tape, please email Sienna Sanders ssanders@mprm.com or Chelsea Hettrick chettrick@mprm.com to get a copy of the releases as well as the mailing address for where to send your tape. We can’t wait to see your tapes! Happy viewing."

Tube talk girl can be reached by e-mail at jennifer@tube-talk.com.


thoughtsandsuch said...

For Rob Thomas
I am really enjoying the character Jane. Is there any chance that we can see more of her next season? And I am assuming there is a next season (and even a possible season 4). I'm very impressed. Loved her interaction with both Veronica and Wallace. Much better character addition than Jackie (wow 1/2 a season just to semi-redeem Jackie with the fans...sheesh!).

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