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Monday, March 20, 2006

One Tree Hill: Is Keith dead?

I’m a little late in discussing the One Tree Hill school-shooting episode, (blame it on a backed-up TiVo and not enough hours in the week) but wow, what a powerful hour of television.

Now, say it with me, “Keith can’t be dead. Keith can’t be dead.”

I finally watched the school-shooting show last night, and I don’t think One Tree Hill has ever been better. Other shows have done school violence episodes, such as Buffy the Vampire Slayer. But OTH managed to depict the fear, helplessness and terror that certainly would occur when a classmate starts shooting at students in the hall and takes several hostage.

The beauty of the story was that it taught us a lesson (hopefully,) without being preachy or unrealistic. It simply showed us the journey of one student who had been bullied and beaten relentlessly by his classmates and how that treatment, coupled with problems at home, manifested into an angry, hurt and desperate young man.

The writers weaved the story so brilliantly that it was easy to understand why the shooter was so full of fury. Kudos to the actor playing Jimmy, for his portrayal of the despondent, gun-waving student. He made the audience feel his pain and, dare I say it, even sympathize with his situation.

Today’s public school systems are spending big bucks on anti-bullying and character education programs, vehemently trying to prevent another Columbine. It’s interesting that one hour of a popular teen drama could illustrate the cause and effect of bullying so succinctly when many of those programs can’t. That episode of One Tree Hill should be required viewing for all students. Bravo!

As for the ending, when Dan went all homicidal and shot poor, defenseless Keith, well, I’m still picking my jaw off the floor.

Oh, “Danny,” If Keith kicks it, there will be no place you can hide from Lucas, Deb and Tube Talk Girl.

Those of you who missed this fantastic episode can catch it in rerun Wednesday, March 22, on the WB.

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