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Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Grey's Anatomy: Trailer park trumps Beverly Hills

Izzie scares me. Anyone who can make tough-gal Christina back into a wall like a little girl has my respect. The next time Alex goes off on George, someone page Izzie. I think she could take him.

Sunday’s Grey’s Anatomy wasn’t my favorite, but that scene where “trailer park” Izzie threatened to kick Christina’s “pampered Beverly Hills ass” has got to be one of the show’s best ever. I’m talking up there with “O’Malley, stop looking at my va-jay-jay.”

As for the rest of the drama, hmmm…who was it that said 7 was a lucky number? Apparently deaths come in threes and sevens in hospitals, according to the Seattle Grace interns. Good to know. I’ll be sure to ask how many patients have checked out permanently the next time I end up in the emergency room.

This is what we discovered this week: Alex is a jerk when he’s hurt. Burke is superstitious about his surgical caps. The chief is an alcoholic. And Izzie is falling for her patient, Denny.

This is what I discovered this week: “juju” is an African term meaning magical power attached to an object. Thank you Random House: http://www.randomhouse.com/wotd/index.pperl?date=20010510. And Addison, otherwise known as She-Shepherd, is quickly becoming one of my favorite characters.

Sorry. I know the show is titled Grey’s Anatomy, and by default I shouldn’t like the heroine’s arch-rival. That said, She-Shepherd is sympathetic. She brought hot chocolate, “juju,” for everyone and is making an effort with Meredith. Yep, She-Shepherd is growing on me. A lot. Sure, He-Shepherd is still making eyes at his “lusty intern.” And the two of them have major chemistry. But, I like that the Shepherds are trying to work out their issues instead of heading for the big D.

Again, the program is called Grey’s Anatomy, so I’m not holding out any realistic hope that the Shepherds will make it. But, seriously, you have to admire a woman who can work all day on her feet in three-inch stilettos with her husband's ex-lover and still manage to share the "juju."

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LeaPea said...

DID YOU SEE THE PREVIEWS?! I can't believe they're making me wait two weeks for this!

LeaPea said...

Did you hear that Chris O'Donnell is joining the cast? Another hottie! I can bearly stand it! I wonder what his McNickname will be!

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