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Thursday, December 06, 2007

Missing Moonlight

There have been plenty of new shows this season to get excited about (Pushing Daisies, Dirty Sexy Money and Chuck) but it was the last installment of Moonlight that really solidified this show as a must see.

The final shower scene was so deliciously good that it left me wanting more. Did Beth really kill Coraline? I’m guessing yes, since she apparently had the cure to turn vampires back to humans. (It’s hard to have a show about vampires if they’re not vampires.)

But for the sake of entertainment, I hope Coraline isn't dead. She really knows how to push Mick’s buttons.

Moonlight has been fantastic so far, but the last episode was exceptional. Coraline and Mick have off-the-charts chemistry. And I think everyone can understand what it’s like to love someone who isn’t good for them.

Sadly, there was no new episode last week and there isn’t one this week either. We have to wait until December 14 for the next new show.

Meanwhile, for all of you who are missing Mick and the gang, please check out this video behind the scenes at Moonlight. It’s quite a shocker for those of you who’ve never seen Alex O’Loughlin or Sophia Myles in an interview. Let’s just say, they’re not from around here! Enjoy the accents.


kara said...

This is my new favorite show. Love it! Thanks for the article and the footage. I did not know he had an accent!

obxrulz said...

Tube Talk Girl, I couldn't agree more with you about that last scene of Moonlight. It was hot.

weevilswobble said...

They sound so strange! I had no idea he was from Oz. Is she an Aussie, too?

mrfg said...

weevilswobble, Sophia is actually from England... but you're right about Alex.

weevilswobble said...

Thanks, Mrfg. They sound so cool. When she said So-Fy-A Myles, I couldn't believe it. They both do such a good job of hiding their accents.

kitkat said...

This is my new favorite show. Thanks for mentioning it Jennifer. Most critics have been pushing Pushing Daisies, Chuck and a lot of other shows, so thanks for the support of Moonlight. There are a lot of us who love this show and want to see it stick around.

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