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Wednesday, December 12, 2007

1990 Doritos commercial features famous faces

It always amazes me the entertainment treasures one can find lurking on You Tube. Check out this 1990 Doritos commercial with Jay Leno. If you watch until 17 seconds in, you’ll see the former man-of-steel, Dean Cain, at 17 seconds in. Yes, Cain is hawking Jumpin’ Jack Cheese flavor Doritos. (It’s been a while since I posted my Dean Cain post of the week, so here it is.) Also, I’m pretty sure that the girl with the crazy curly hair was on Saved by the Bell. Am I wrong?


Kim said...

Yes, Tube Talk Girl, that girl was on Saved by the Bell. I can't think of her name though. She was the tough girl, I think, show was supposed to replace Jesse...

big tuna said...

I think her name was Tori. If it's the same girl.

I can't believe I'm openly admitting to knowing that.

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