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Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Lost’s Michael sings "Stay Strong" for the troops

As we sit comfortably in front of the fire, enjoying our holiday gifts and family time, it’s easy to forget that across the world, fellow Americans are risking their lives so that we’ll be safe and so that democracy can thrive.

Actor Harold Perrineau, who you probably know as Michael from Lost, wrote and performed this song for the troops. His fellow Lost costar Daniel Dae Kim directed the video.

Watch closely and you’ll see some familiar faces, including sexy Sawyer. (I mean actor Josh Holloway.) Kim also makes a quick appearance.

The real surprise here is that “Michael” can actually sing. If “Charlie” had known, perhaps they could have jammed together and come up with something even better than Charlie’s “Hey Y’all Everybody” anthem.

The song is available for purchase at iTunes and proceeds benefit the Bob Woodruff Family Fund for Traumatic Brain injury.

Kudos to Perrineau for taking time to remember the troops and for prompting us to do so, too.

Thanks to Kristin at E!Online for posting the video and bringing it to my attention.


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