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Monday, December 03, 2007

Let’s talk TV: The week in review

Desperate Housewives
That twister that hit Wisteria Lane left a street full of devastation. In the voiceover intro, we were told one of the ladies would lose a husband and that they would all lose a friend. Gaby’s spouse, Victor, was impaled with a white picket fence. How’s that for symbolism? (One husband down.) But the friend? My money is on poor Ida. I’m guessing she woke up and went looking for her cat, right into the path of the tornado. I blame Lynette. We’ve seen a lot of selfish behavior through the years on this show, but Lynette consistently exhibits self-absorbed behavior. Pushing her way into her neighbor’s basement during the storm and then insisting Ida’s cat be removed is so typical Lynette. Kudos to Mrs. Landingham, oops, Mrs. McClusky for calling Lynette out on her selfish behavior that she only acts like a friend when she needs something. Why didn’t Lynette and Tom go to another neighbor’s house or a shelter? Maybe this storm will teach Lynette how to be a friend. On second thought, she’s got Gaby, Susan and Bree as her companions, so there’s probably no hope for Lynette.

Las Vegas
Sam is back at the Montecito. Can I get a woo-hoo? Her bowling meeting with Cooper was a fun tête-à-tête during a game of bowling. I finally figured out what’s bugging me about Tom Selleck’s stiff-jawed portrayal of Cooper. He’s missing the Thomas Magnum sense of humor. Selleck excels in levity. To see it restrained in this role is a real downer. Did you catch his hilarious stint on Friends? Yes, Cooper is daunting, scary and mysterious. But I miss his fun side. Ed Deline managed a perfect balance of both. Let’s hope Selleck finds his smile soon. It’s too pretty not to be seen.
Meanwhile, Danny and Mike caught the robbers. But poor Danny, every member of his family has now ended up six-feet under. DeLinda, you should think twice before marrying into the McCoy clan.

How I Met Your Mother
Barney lost his mojo. Say what? Even suited up in a room full of supermodels, Barney had nothing. Sure, it stemmed from realizing that his brother, the always-entertaining Wayne Brady, had paid Barney’s first lover to lie about his performance. Realizing he wasn’t awesome threw Barney in to such a spin that he began doubting his sexual prowess, thus throwing off everything in the How I Met Your Mother universe. In a funny B storyline, the rest of the gang joined the gym. It lasted less than a week. As much as I enjoy the Mother folks, I’ve lost all patience with the reveal about who the mother actually is. Just tell us already!

Brothers and Sisters
Congratulations Robert and Kitty! They tied the knot. It’s always a good time at a Walker shindig and the wedding didn’t disappoint, due to Robert’s run at the presidency. I couldn’t help but chuckle as members of the Walker clan were detained by secret service for various charges: Kevin’s off-the-cuff comment about wanting to kill his new brother in law, Nora’s date for smoking pot and Justin and Tommy for fighting. Good times. Good for Rebecca for telling Justin that his new girlfriend was sleeping with this brother. As for the new guy in town who showed up at Holly’s door at the end, I’m betting he’s Rebecca’s real father. There is no way she and Justin are brother and sister. I just can’t buy it. Those two have too much chemistry.

Pushing Daisies
A taffy candy competitor moved into the Pie Hole neighborhood and the rivalry got a bit sticky this week. One dead body in the taffy vat later, and the pie maker and his pals had to solve a crime. This show is so much fun. Thank you ABC and Lee Pace for making me smile each week. And I’ve said it before, Ned and Olive, are pure confection. I do have one note, though, Lee Pace, you know I love you, but get a pair of tweezers. Those eyebrows are starting to rival Peter Gallagher’s.

The Office
Psych! Yes, I’d love to be able to gush about Michael’s latest idiotic scheme or the euphoria that is Pam and Jim, but the writer’s strike has caused The Office to go dark with any new episodes. I hurt, Tubers!

Friday Night Lights
Landry confessed. Matt lost his virginity. Tim apologized his way back on to the team. And Eric was jealous of his wife’s new “yuck-it-up” friend. Things happen quickly in Dillon. I’m so glad this show has new episodes left because ending the show with Landry’s confession to the cops is a cliffhanger of monumental proportions. Will he go to jail? Will Tyra come to his rescue? I can’t wait for the next episode.

OK, it’s your turn to share your thoughts on your favorite moments and shows from the past week. I’ll be waiting for your comments.


Macy said...

Right on about Tom Selleck. I miss his goofy Magnum grin, too. He seems so uptight as Cooper.

bubbles said...

I was laughing out loud at the Walker wedding posse. Fighting, pot, death threats, it's all fun!

steph in LA said...

OMG, FNL was sooooo good this week. Landry shocked me. I can't wait to see his in-depth confession. I think he'll break my heart.

Anonymous said...

I can't wait for the next FNL either. It was excellent this week.

I disagree about Cooper not being enough like Thomas Magnum. I like Cooper...making him too fun-loving would ruin the character. Cooper does have some Magnum mannerisms if you watch close enough. Beside, the writers want us to like Cooper just enough so we accept him, but not enough to be upset when he is killed off (unfortunately)...we all know what happens to Monticedo owners. They have made him a bit distant to in order to help us accept his future departure IMO. Bummer...

tube talk girl said...

I never thought about it that way, anonymous. You're right that the former owners of the joint never lived long. Interesting theory!

It's Selleck though. I can't but be attached!

Jack said...

HIMYM was so good. Barney and the supermodels was so funny.

Anonymous said...

Are there any more FNL episodes written with the writer's strike going on? Please say yes and that wasn't it for this year! I need to know what happens now!

I agree with you about Mr. Selleck. The writers are trying too hard to make Cooper "mysterious". We really need to see that smile of his with those iconic dimples and hear that great laugh of his more!

tube talk girl said...

There are eight episodes left of FNL, as of right now, Anonymous. The show is produced efficiently and way ahead of the game. If you scroll down on this page, you can see the number of episodes left for each of your shows!

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