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Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Breaking news: Maks won’t return to Dancing With the Stars

Ladies, brace yourselves.

Hottie Maksim Chermokovskiy won’t be back next season on Dancing With the Stars, according to TV Guide.

Chermokovskiy wants to return to professional ballroom dancing competition, he said. He’s also busy working on choreographing a New Year’s Eve show at the Wyn in Las Vegas.

That sound you hear? Hearts breaking across America, including mine.

Maks became a celebrity himself, during his years on the show, due to his incredible dance moves and fiery personality.

He was favored to win Dancing With the Stars this year, as his partner Mel B was the most talented dancer in the finale. However, racecar driver Helio Castroneves roared away with the title. Maks and Mel finished second. Last year, Maks and partner Laila Ali finished third.

To read the interview with Maks and his take on why a woman can’t win Dancing With the Stars, check out the story at TV Guide.


Kara said...


He's the main reason I watch the show. This sucks.

He's the best male dancer in the bunch.

Becky said...

Ok now this really just put a damper on my day TTG, this news STINKS!!!!!

He is the reason I watch the show!!!

It just wont be the same, I need to go sit in a dark corner alone and mourn.

At least he isnt getting married though.

Squidnote said...

Let's say "Congrats" to Helio...sign this group greeting card!

red2321 said...

DWTS without Maks? It's not right. What will we do ladies without all that hip action?

Derek looks too much like a kid for me. (Although I like his choreography.)

Anonymous said...

even more breaking news-- TVguide has a interview with Maks and he does want to return. He was tired and homesick, that lead him to first say he wouldn't return and now he says he will if they want him.


tube talk girl said...

Thanks for the tip anonymous! I just posted the updated news story.

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