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Thursday, December 06, 2007

Smallville Video: Chloe and Clark unrequited love?

by Jennifer Squires Biller

Is there any better storytelling device than unrequited love? I don’t think so.

It’s what keeps us TV romantic types watching with the hope that someday Booth and Brennan will fall in love, on Bones, or that Clark will realize that Chloe is his true Lois Lane, on Smallville.

Sometimes, unrequited love works out. (Jim got Pam, Felicity got Ben, and Pacey got Joey. Woo HOO!) Other times, not so much. (Sorry Buffy and Angel and Joey and Rachel.)

In all my years of TV watching, I don’t think I’ve ever seen such a fan following for unrequited love, as I’ve seen for Chloe and Clark on Smallville. Fan fiction stories and You Tube videos are created for them daily, and message boards are filled with viewers analyzing every single word and gesture of Clark and Chloe's scenes together for subtext.

It could be that the masses identify with Chloe, a normal gal, who will always be in love with her super hero Clark, only for him to be in love with the town’s most popular dark-haired beauty. Or it could be that folks just can’t get enough of an unrequited love story.

Whatever the reason for the fan fascination with this couple, it’s evident that Clark and Chloe are a draw for viewers. The Smallville writers have blown it big time in not pursuing a bigger story there. (My apologies to the Smallville folks if in fact that is planned in upcoming episodes, but I’m not holding my breath.) The opportunity was ripe this year, with Jimmy Olsen entering the scene to give Clark a wake-up call, but the future man of steel has been too bogged down in the adventures of his super girl cousin, visits from his mother and other aliens, and his continued obsession with Lana Lang to notice much going on in Chloe’s life.

If you think I’m exaggerating the appeal of this non-couple, please check out this superb video from the incredibly talented Ashley, who I’m sure has a successful future in video production if she chooses.


Kim said...

Awesome video. Thanks for sharing.

I'm a sucker for the unrequited love stories too. Pacey and Joey and Ben and Felicity are among my favorites.

ashley said...

kim, thanks for watching the video. I'm glad you enjoyed it!!:)

I'm a sucker for unrequited love stories too. That's one of the reasons i live Clark and Chloe so much.
Buffy and Angel are one of my faves of all time.

Kara said...

Me too! Buffy and Angel. Sigh. What could have been...

Your video is AMAZING!

Ashley, which show is the clip of Clark crying and hugging Chloe from? It's at the 3:30 mark on your video.

ashley said...

thanks kara!:)

I'm glad that u like the vid. That part is from the episode "Hydro" in season six. It was a really cute part. Chloe kind of let Clark have it about something and she started crying and he hugged her *sighs* Gotta love them.

wwg said...

I've never been one for unrequited love (I don't know any of these other couples) but for some reason Clark and Chloe have managed to pull me into their story.

And I sooo agree with you, Jennifer, Chloe is definitely Clark's Lois Lane (no matter how many Lois lightswitches are thrown).

Ashley, I love your video! You took the best of Clark/Chloe and put it to beautiful music. Nice! :)

ashley said...

Thanks wwg!!:)

I really hope the SV PTB do Chlois. Because that is probably the only thing that would make me satisfied with the conclusion of the series and Chloe as a character. None of this, she dies or moves away stuff.

tube talk girl said...

WWG, the couples I mentioned are from the TV show Felicity. It's good stuff. Check it out on DVD sometime, if you want a show that never fails to entertain.

Buffy and Angel are from Buffy the Vampire Slayer, also another show I would recommend.

Lilia said...

I am a sucker for unrequited loved, or at least for rooting for the underdog love, I rooted Joey and Pacey, Ben and Felicity and even Joey and Rachel. Right now I am shipping Clark and Chloe since season 1 and I am rarely wrong. I am also rooting Lucas and Brooke on OTH - As for Buffy and Angel that is my ultimate couple and I as the show ended I know that there is still chances for those two - when she is done baking ...he will be there to take a bite...

Anonymous said...

That was a wonderful write-up Jennifer posted about unrequited love stories, and I'm happy to see she took note of your amazing video composition skills Ashley!!

As Jennifer pointed out, there have been unrequited love stories that have panned out, and I'm still hopeful for the same to apply to Chloe and Clark. Thanks again Ashley for inspiring me to try to make vids that will capture what you seem to put together so effortlessly!!


wwg said...

WWG, the couples I mentioned are from the TV show Felicity. It's good stuff. Check it out on DVD sometime, if you want a show that never fails to entertain.

Buffy and Angel are from Buffy the Vampire Slayer, also another show I would recommend.

Thanks for the tip, Jennifer. I'll definitely check those DVDs out. :)

tube talk girl said...

Yes, Ben and Felicity and Buffy and Angel are among my favorites, too. And yes, I was rooting for Joey and Rachel. They seemed to fit together so much better than she and Ross.

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