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Thursday, December 13, 2007

Commentary with a Co-ed: Moonlight shines

by Ashley Gouveia

During late nights of struggling to stay awake to cram for finals, I managed to make time for Mick St. John, private investigator and vampire. After your suggestions about Moonlight, I finally got around to watching the first nine episodes of the series.

I am so glad that I did!

I had my reservations at first, because I had been such an avid Buffy and Angel fan, the thought of another vampire show matching them was unimaginable. I was wrong.

I was hooked into Mick’s story and how it all connected to Beth Turner. The back story of how he rescued her as a little girl, from his trampy vampy wife Coraline, was a great way to connect these two characters. One thing I knew for sure, by the end of episode one, Mick and Beth had amazing chemistry. I love the whole Bonnie and Clyde vibe they had going on.

Alex O’Loughlin is so convincing on his hidden love for Beth. The end scene in the pilot, when he rescues her and she hugs him, got me. *sighs* There is just something about brooding vampires with a sensitive side.

Another character that I really enjoyed was Mick’s 400-year-old friend, Josef. I know many people love Jason Dohring from Veronica Mars, but this was my first time ever watching him onscreen. I have to say that he plays the wisecracking vamp extremely well. Every time he shows up in a scene I keep wanting to know more about him. I think it’s interesting how his character is a friend of Mick’s, but he’s not as moral as him. He would do whatever it takes to keep vampirism a secret.

Speaking of vampirism, the last episode that aired posed the question: “Can vampires be cured?” It seemed that Morgan, a.k.a. Coraline, found a cure but that might have been for nothing, since Beth took a stake to her heart. How great was that last scene? Everything was building to that particular confrontation and it certainly didn’t disappoint.

Once the show starts up again I would love to know more about Coraline’s cure. Also, I wonder if maybe Josef knew more than he was telling about her. Did Beth’s boyfriend disappear off the face of the planet? I’m not complaining, but it could be addressed.

Moonlight fans, what would you say has been your favorite moment so far? I can think of some off the top my head, but I’ll let you all go first!

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tube talk girl said...

Welcome to the Moonlight bandwagon! I know how you feel about comparing the show to Angel and Buffy. I loved those shows, too, but Moonlight is surprisngly wonderful!

My favorite scene was the last one we saw. That shower scene with Coraline and that song "I'll look after you" *Sigh* Good times!

babs said...

Any moment with Mick is a favorite moment!

I really love his scenes with Josef.

sherri said...

I'm so glad you found Moonlight! The show is AWESOME!

It's my favorite new show.

Simply Kimberly said...

It is impossible for me to name my absolute favorite moment because there are so many that I love for different reasons.

Of course a lot of MickBethers are going to say the kiss in Arrested Development. Or the seduction/shower scene in B.C. Or the hug at the end of There's No Such Thing As Vampires. And I agree. I mean, I know where to stop the TiVo to easily view each and every one of them.

But I also love the scene at Josef's where Beth is playing phone sex to get the bad guy. It has such a light tone. And it is clear that there are some deep feelings running between Mick and Beth. Add the amazing Jason Dohring into that mix with his sly humor and it ranks among one of my favorites too.

I am like you though. I watched the first episode to see how it played, nervous I would be comparing it to Buffy/ANGEL. But it really does have its own story and I don't see them the same at all. I caught up in a hurry and I have to admit that this show owns me now. I am completely hooked beyond all reason.

ashley said...

Thanks for the welcome Jen! I love that moment too. I think the song adds so much to the scene. It's one of my faves. I listen to it all the time.

babs, i hear ya! His scenes with with Josef are really entertaining. I love Josef's witty banter.

sherri, I am so glad that I did too! I appreciate the readers who suggested that I get into it.

simply kimberly, the phone sex scene was great. The looks on everyone's face while she was doing that was so funny. I hope there are more moments with the three of them together in future episodes.

Ok, my favorite moment #1:
Pilot Episode. Mick saves Beth from the psycho Teacher's Assistant and he carries her out of the car. The action scene when he stops the car and taking her out ranks as one of my faves so far. *sighs* I'm such a girl. Lol.

...More of my fave moments to come. Keep yours coming!!

Lise said...

Fave scene is where he takes her blood (go figure I'm a vamp girl at heart), I love when he says you'll have stop me and the look in his eyes and she's freaking and then when he bites her the look changes, not to pleasure as such but its interesting. Oh and I loved the scene where Beth takes the black crystal and gets hot and horny with Mick, he's so damn controlled (reminds me of Nick in Forever Knight big time).
Lise :^[

weevilswobble said...

I forgot about that scene Lise! That one was my favorite. *swoon*

ashley said...

lise and weevilswobble, that black crystal scene was great. Definitely one of my faves!

Favorite Moment #2:
Episode 8. Mick is questioning the psycho guy that was part of the serial killer's "family". I loved seeing Mick all tough and cool like that.

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