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Tuesday, February 06, 2007

The Week in Review: Smallville, Boston Legal, Veronica Mars, The O.C. Friday Night Lights and Bones

DVR, I blame you for this.

Regular Tube Talk readers know I usually do The Week in Review at the end of the week. But, since DVR entered my life, I’ve lost the ability to actually watch a show at its appropriate time and (sometimes) night. Therefore, I hope you’ll forgive me for the lateness of this wrap-up. My remote, and I, submit ourselves to your mercy.

Clark Kent
, you’ve been a bad, bad boy. “Red-rock Clark” (that’s Clark on Red Kryptonite, for those of you who aren’t regular viewers) is always a treat for viewers, as the innocent farm boy loses his inhibitions and goes on his own “Girls Gone Wild” tour. I loved this episode, and it wasn’t because of Lois’ hooker-boot-mini-skirt combo that so many male viewers wrote to me about to praise. Clark finally admitted that he’d thought about a relationship with Chloe. (Yay!) And we found out that baby Luthor isn’t normal. (Whatever that means. Like you expected “normal” from Lex’s swimmers?) Two things continue to perplex me with this show. First, why is the Kent’s refrigerator the size of an Easy Bake Oven? Martha Kent is a senator, for Pete's sake. Surely, she could afford a side-by-side number with an icemaker. And finally, why can’t Clark get over Lana? I thought we were done with this already. I can only hope that Clark will listen to his mother’s wise advice about Lana and, “Leave her alone!” Preach it, Mama Kent! Amen.

Boston Legal
How can you not love a show where conservative-gun-toting-Republican Denny Crane battles Homeland Security and then dresses in costume as Dick Cheney? Simply put, you can’t. The highlight of this week’s episode was a costume party to help improve employee morale. The folks from Crane, Poole and Schmidt were supposed to dress up as someone they admired and who inspired values. Alan came as Shirley Schmidt. Shirley came as Diane Sawyer. Brad and Jeff both came as Buzz Lightyear. But, it was Crane, in his Cheney costume, who stole the show. The final signature scene of Boston Legal, usually features Denny and Alan drinking scotch and smoking cigars on the balcony. This week, they slow danced. Yes, together. They wisecracked (beautifully breaking the third wall,) that their neighbors, i.e. “regular viewers” shouldn’t be shocked at anything that goes on at Crane, Poole and Schmidt. Hilarious! Boston Legal may be considered a drama, but trust me, it’s one of the funniest comedies on the tube.

Veronica Mars…pregnant?
I’m still picking my jaw off the floor after the previews at the end of Veronica Mars where she said the “p” word. Are we to believe that the savviest teen to grace the small screen is not smart enough to use birth control? I’m not buying it. We all know the CW promo machine is misleading sometimes, and I’m betting this is one of those times. So, in response to your e-mails, “No. I don’t think she’s got a bun in the oven.” Meanwhile, I’m going to hire Veronica to find Wallace. Don’t mock. Someone needs to do something. He’s been missing since fall. And finally, don’t send hate mail because I really do love Jason Dohring, but lately I can’t tell what the hell he’s saying. Jason, can you please enunciate? (Not that I mind rewinding your shirtless scenes 15 times to try and decipher your dialogue, but, my rewind button is getting a little ticked.)

The O.C.
Julie Cooper Nichol Roberts shot down the Bullit. Pun intended. Team Frank prevailed over Team Bullit, and it seems Ryan’s daddy and Marissa’s mommy are destined for a love connection. I love the Bullit, but I can’t blame Julie for choosing hunky Frank. After all, he looks an awful lot like Hercules. (Sorry. I couldn’t resist.)

Friday Night Lights
Why aren’t you watching this show, people? I’m afraid if viewership doesn’t increase, we’re going to have to do a Hail Mary to save this show. Tubers, you know I’m no fan of football, and even I’ve been sucked into this drama. This is great story telling. If you haven’t watched before, you can still jump in. The episodes work as stand alones, so you won’t be lost. Kyle Chandler and Connie Britton steal the show. Yes, I said Kyle Chandler. That Kyle Chandler. Grey’s Anatomy fans who loved him as “bomb squad guy who was blown up at Seattle Grace,” check him out as a football coach on Friday Night Lights. He’s much better at his job here.

Creepy-killer Epps is finally finished. Booth and Bones put an end to his torturous ways. Of course, Cam breathed a mouthful of poison and almost headed to the science lab in the sky, before Epps was busted. This show gets better each week, and yes, that’s coming from someone who hates procedural crime dramas. But, Bones knows its niche isn’t just the crime cases, but the characters and relationships. That’s why Booth left us with his new nugget of wisdom that people who work together can’t have personal relationships. Cue another season of sexual tension between the F.B.I. agent and the scientist. I’m in.


ashley said...

i 100% agree with you about Smallville! Clark needs to get over Lana already. He should listen to those wise words from his mother and leave her alone. So happy that Clark said he thought about a relationship with Chloe! It's about time! This episode was good, it broke up Jimmy and Chloe so i can't really complain. Can't wait til this week to see the repercussions from Clark's Red-K induced outbursts!

tube talk girl said...

Me too! I'm just concerned about the whole Lana mess again. UGHH!!!

ashley said...

Yeah, the Lana thing is getting really old, really fast. Hopefully the writers realize it's time to move on. It's bringing down the show.

big tuna said...

I don't care if you're late, you're still HILARIOUS! Thanks for the fun. But are you not watching The Office anymore?

tube talk girl said...

Yeah, I'm watching. I'll give it a shout it this week. I try to change it up week to week and keep you on your toes!

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