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Thursday, February 01, 2007

American Idol Auditions: Week Three

by guest bloggers Becky and Bethany

Well, folks, the grueling American Idol auditions continue. And frankly, we’re to the point where we just want to get on with the show, or buy some earplugs.

Some of these auditions drag on longer than a hot topics discussion on The View. Enough already. There’s only so much of these delusional, inspiring singers that we can take. Regardless of our opinion, they continue. So, here we go with our report for the week.

We begin in Birmingham, the home of Reuben, Taylor, and Bo Bice (our man)! Could we find the same type of talent again? Doubtful.

Idol started with Erica Skye, and it wasn’t a good note to start on. She sang “Unchained Melody,” which is a difficult song, and since she couldn’t sing, it was worse. She was “a never-ending torture.” Many of the contestants were the same way. The only bright spots were Katie Bernard, Tatiana McConnico — a big voice in a little package—Bernard Williams, and Chris Sligh, who hopes to reduce David Hasselhoff to the same tears we saw during the finale last season.

Jamie Lee Ward was another “yes.” But our opinion is, if you have a good enough sob story you can get through to Hollywood. We doubt she’ll last.

The big mystery of the evening was Paula. She wasn’t there for day two, and during day one, she couldn’t sit down. Come on Paula, what’s up?

Moving on to L.A. We knew there would be some weirdo’s here, and we were not disappointed. We can’t even begin to describe the first contestant, “Eccentric” AKA “Panther” AKA Martik Manukian. He wanted to spread the love (and something else that we can’t quite describe.) You may need some kind of ointment, if he gets too close.

Next, we had Marianna Riccio who sang “Should I Stay or Should I Go.” Our reply is, “Go.” Please. And keep going! Soul Patrol was represented — well maybe not — by Phuong Pham. And love was in the air with Sparkles, her boyfriend Darold, and Simon, a new love triangle perhaps?

Brandon Rogers sang “You Were Always on my Mind,” and he will definitely be in the top 24 if not the top 12!

The best part of the show was Sherman Pore, who was 64. Side note here; the audition age for Idol is 16 through 28. Sherman was there as a tribute to his “lady love”. He had a petition signed, just so he could audition for her, stating “the process of trying to get on Idol just to audition helped her get through her cancer treatments.” Unfortunately, she passed away before she could see his audition, but his moving rendition of “You Belong to Me” brought tears to everyone’s eyes and even impressed Simon. Maybe he does have a heart after all?

So, we end this week with a big old “thank goodness,” that we only have one audition day left in San Antonio, and a quote from Ryan: “L.A., weird? Who’d a thunk it?”


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