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Thursday, February 22, 2007

Grey’s Anatomy spin-off to star Taye Diggs

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Taye Diggs is on board to co-star in a Grey’s Anatomy spinoff with Kate Walsh (Addison Montgomery.)

Yesterday, I scolded ABC for even considering spinning off my beloved Addison into her own show. I want to see her jockeying for the chief-of-surgery position, grappling with her feelings for Derek and Mark, and bonding with Miranda at Joe’s Bar. I’m not usually a fan of a spin-off, (Hello, Joey.) Why mess with a good thing?

That said, now that Diggs is reportedly attached to the project, I’m in. My devotion for Diggs has no limits, as evidenced by the fact that I watched every single episode of Kevin Hill.

I’m still miffed that Addison will have to leave Seattle Grace, if the spin-off is actually picked up. It won’t seem right without her, and her designer stilettos, roaming the halls. But if she’ll be sharing a stethoscope with Diggs on the new show, and the writing is as good as Grey’s, I suppose I’ll have to tune in.


Jenna said...

Damn it. why diggs? Now I'll have to watch.

ashley said...

I love Addy, but I don't want her on her own show, especially without Shonda's writing.

Becky Frum said...

Why can't they just bring Taye Diggs to Seattle Grace, why do we have to start a whole new show?? I'm already racing home every Thursday night to see Grey's why on gods green earth do I need to see them all on two shows? Why screw with a good thing? I am loving the show right now, Addison being seperated from the rest of them just seems stupid, there's her relationship with McSteamy ( Mark Sloane) and a possible one with Alex, she just fits with all of them, and I loved it last week when she realized that Derrick never loved her like that, sometimes you just have to look it in the face and see what it is, the idea of a spin off just frankly sucks, just add to the cast you already have, like ER has always done. I hope they work it out and Taye can join Grey's without having to spin it off and ruin it, there's too much to DVR as it is.

tube talk girl said...

Bec, I hear you about the too much to TiVo as it is. I love Addison on Grey's too, and I hope she gets to stay.

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