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Thursday, February 08, 2007

American Idol: Week Four

by guest bloggers Becky and Bethany

Well, folks, we’re getting down to the end of the auditions. Thank goodness! Thousands and thousands of people have tried their very best to become the next American Idol, and less than 200 will move on to Hollywood.

The last audition city was San Antonio, Texas. While we still had the normal array of disillusioned people, we also had some big Texas talent. Haley Scarnato performed a fine rendition of “I Can’t Make You Love Me” by Bonnie Raitt. However, we aren’t sure if it was her vocal talent or her choice of wardrobe that struck Simon’s fancy. Next, was Bailey Brown, from Krum, Texas, “where there are more cows than people.” She is another Kelli Pickler. On the male side of talent, there was Jimmy McNeil, who was compared to Reuben Studdard. McNeil could possibly make the top 24.

Night two of Idol, this week, focused on what we didn’t see the first time around, and more of those auditions that we didn’t need to see again. Frankly, it was just an excuse for the American Idol producers to make us wait to see the contestants that actually have talent and to drag out the season a little bit more.

Finally, next week begins the actual competition. It’s about to get interesting “Idol maniacs”. Who will be able to handle the pressures of Hollywood Week? Who will fall on their face? And who will be crushed by Simon and his relentless criticism? Until then…..


Anonymous said...

I can't wait for Hollywood Week. There are always people crying that they are tired and that it is too much pressure. What did they expect?

Anonymous said...

I hope that there are better people that have made it through to Hollywood what has been on there so far. I am not impressed with the ones that have been on TV.

Anonymous said...

I agree, I hope hollywood week is better.

Anonymous said...

I feel we have some great singers moving on to hollywood and the competition will be good.
Some of the girls can be annoying. I was not impressed with the little country girl who wears heels and never goes in the barn. I wonder what kind of person they will be if they live to shop at such a young age. Nothing is worse than a fashion diva. OUr future Mariah's.

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