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Thursday, February 08, 2007

Smallville news: Dean Cain is on the guest-star wish list

Smallville series cocreator Al Gough is answering fans’ burning questions at TV Guide, as part of an ongoing Q&A. Check out this week’s installment, where he talks about the possibility of Dean Cain guest starring.

For those of you who missed the first installment of the TV Guide Q&A with Gough, click here.

Gough also did an interesting interview at Kryptonsite. Check it out here.

Another Gough interview with iF magazine can be found here.

And since it’s Thursday — otherwise known as the best and busiest night of television — here’s a little something to remind folks not to forget to watch Smallville on The CW. It’s not an official promo for the network, but it should be. Take note, CW. The creator is a talented young lady named Ashley.


ashley said...

Thank you so much Tube Talk girl for featuring another one of my videos! It means so much to me!:) Can't wait til Smallville tonight!

Ali said...

OMG!!!!! I WISH that was a promo for the CW. Good Lord, that was sweet. Thanks! Put that girl to work for Smallville.

Kim said...

Thud! I love Snow Patrol.

Alex said...

OK, Tube Talk girl, you win. I'm gonna have to watch this damned show.

shelly said...

Maybe I'll just skip the show and start watching these videos...good stuff

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