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Wednesday, February 21, 2007

American Idol recap: Let’s Hear it for the Boys

by guest bloggers Becky and Bethany

Hey Idol lovers! It was all about the boys on last night’s show. And who are we to complain about a testosterone-filled hour of entertainment?

We’re finally at the stage where each contestant sings almost an entire song, and even though the judges get to throw in their two cents, we, the American public get to vote on who we want to move on to the next week.

We’re going to make this short and sweet because the show is actually on three days a week for the next couple weeks. So, we’re torturing you with daily updates.

Last night, 12 guys took the stage and tried to wow us with their singing talent. Their efforts left us asking, “Why do they choose the songs that they do?” Everyone knows that Stevie Wonder, Michael Jackson, and George Michael are all great singers, who gave us incredible music, but holy cannoli, it would be great if more than one or two contestants sang something from the last decade!

Sundance, with his “Knights in White Satin” rendition just didn’t make the cut. As for Sanjaya Malakar, and his “Knocks me off my Feet,”… well, not so much. That song did just what he didn’t he didn’t want to do: It bored us. In fact, it bored Bethany into a deep REM sleep!

Now, let’s talk Phil Stacy. Come on, people! Put your helmets on. We predict he’ll be one of those contestants. You know the ones. The ones where we absolutely shudder at the performances, but he'll hang around just like Kevin, AKA Chicken Little, from last season.

We did get a good vibe from Blake Lewis. What a surprise! Coming into the competition, we knew he was talented because he did all that beat-boppin’ stuff. But, WOW. He has a GREAT voice. He really did an excellent version of Keane’s “Somewhere Only We Know,” and we are rooting for him to go at least to the top four.

Brandon Rogers, of course, sailed through. We think he’ll “go the distance.” (That was a Michael Bolton reference for all you music freaks out there.)

Our bets for elimination are on Sundance and Sanjaya, unless their fans can save them.

Up tomorrow are the ladies. Let’s hope they can sing something a little more modern, or at least something that when it was on the charts, it wasn’t played on eight-track tapes. Until tomorrow…


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