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Wednesday, August 02, 2006

FOX premiere dates

FOX released the premiere dates for its fall schedule. The most important news here is that we won’t get to see Seth, Summer, Ryan and the rest of The O.C. gang, sans Marissa, until November 2.

To comfort us, FOX is bringing back my beloved David Boreanaz and the Bones crew on August 30 and the Prison Break guys on August 21.

I feel better already. Here’s the full premiere schedule.

Prison Break and the new show Vanished on Aug. 21
The new reality series Duets on Aug. 29
Bones and the new show Justice on Aug. 30
House and the new show Standoff on Sept. 5
New comedies 'Til Death and Happy Hour on Sept 7
Nanny 911 on Sept. 8
Cops and America's Most Wanted on Sept. 9
The War at Home on Sept. 10
MADtv on Sept. 16.
The O.C. on Nov. 2


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