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Wednesday, August 16, 2006

CBS to offer free TV on the Internet

Kudos to CBS for its decision to run several of its programs for free on its new ad-supported broadband channel innertube.

The network is offering CSI: CRIME SCENE INVESTIGATION, CSI: MIAMI, CSI: NY, JERICHO, NCIS, NUMB3RS And SURVIVOR the morning after their initial network broadcast, according to a CBS press release. The programs will be presented with limited commercial interruption.

The channel inntertube can be accessed through CBS.com.

Each episode of the three CSI series, NCIS and NUMB3RS will be available for free viewing on innertube for four weeks following the initial network broadcast. Episodes of JERICHO and SURVIVOR will be available on innertube all season long.

“When we launched innertube in May, CBS staked its claim as a leader in the digital evolution by being one of the first media companies to aggressively provide free, original programming online,” said Larry Kramer, President, CBS Digital Media. “Making our new and returning prime-time series available to our viewers is the next step in innertube’s programming evolution. It further helps us extend the reach of the CBS brand, provides a new avenue for advertisers to engage with our programming, which in turn creates a new source of revenue for our company.”

Innertube features a line-up of original series produced expressly for the Internet, as well as new shows that are companions to popular CBS brands. Current innertube offerings include the web-exclusive series InTurn, Animate This! and the five-day-a-week talk show House Calls, as well as entire episodes of CBS's popular prime-time series Big Brother: All-Stars.


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