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Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Tube News

"Scrubs" musical
Turk and the air band was just the beginning. An entire musical episode of Scrubs is headed our way this season, according to series creator Bill Lawrence. Can I get a Woo Hoo? Apparently, a patient with an aneurysm sees everything as a musical, thus setting the stage for the singing doctors and my complete bliss. TV Guide’s Michael Ausiello has all the details about the musical episode, from his chat with Lawrence. Enjoy.

Congrats to "Smallville’s" Allison Mack
Regular readers know I’m a huge fan of Smallville’s Chloe. Her portrayer, the talented Allison Mack, won a Teen Choice Award for Best Sidekick. It’s about time someone gave her props for her endless devotion and expositions. (cough, cough, Clark Kent.) She also was voted Best Actress in the Kryptonsite Awards, and she and Clark won best couple. The awards at Kryptonsite include fun categories such as grossest scene, best line and best scene involving nudity. (Yes, Lois and that patriotic pole-dancing scene took that category.)

Casting tidbits
Oliver Hudson
, who you’ll remember from Dawson’s Creek as the guy Joey foolishly hooked up with after Pacey, has been tapped to play the male in the CBS mid-season comedy Rules of Engagement. In other news, Ally McBeal alum Jane Krakowski is joining NBC's 30 Rock, and Everwood’s Chris Pratt is joining The O.C., on Nov. 2, as an environmentalist who befriends Summer. I can already hear Seth and the tree-hugger jokes.(Source: TV Guide)

Joss Whedon was a "West Wing" Josh/Donna shipper
Longtime Tube Talk readers know my love for all things Joss Whedon, brilliant writer and creator of Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel. He recently wrote a list of his favorite TV characters of all time. It’s a fun read, and I was shocked to learn that he shared my affection for Josh and Donna on The West Wing. Yep, it’s official. Whedon is now on my list of top 25 favorite TV people. (Thanks to GMMR for sharing the list.)

"Invasion" on DVD
My favorite new drama of last season, Invasion, is now available on DVD. Extras include a gag reel, deleted scenes and featurette with Shaun Cassidy. Too bad there isn’t a special feature from ABC explaining why it renewed What About Brian instead of the brilliant Invasion. Nope, I'm not bitter.

"House" casting news
David Morse is joining House for several episodes this season as a cop who apparently has a bigger ego than House. Morse’s character is named Michael Tritter, according to TV Guide. TV viewers will recognize Morse from his show Hack. Well, maybe not.

"Lois and Clark" DVD release
Season 4 of the Dean Cain/Terri Hatcher show will be released on November 14, according to TV Shows on DVD. To see the details, click here.

FOX offers "Bones" on the Web
FOX is apparently offering free TV on the web now. If you haven’t seen Bones, the excellent show starring David Boreanaz, I recommend you check it out here: http://streaming.myfoxal.com/index.html. The new season starts August 30 at 8 p.m. on FOX.

"My Name is Earl" – spoiler alert
Burt Reynolds
is guest starring in My Name is Earl this season as the owner of Earl and Randy's favorite strip club, according to TV Guide. In other spoilery scoop, Joy finally gets hers and is headed to the slammer. Earl, can you say prison break?

"The O.C." - spoiler alert
Ryan apparently gets all fight club in an episode this year, and we get to finally meet Summer’s “step monster” according to spoilers from E!Online.


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