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Wednesday, August 23, 2006

"Lost"casting news plus Sawyer DVD feature

Last season it was the Tailies and The Others. This season, it appears we’ll be seeing even more new faces on the Lost island. Hunky Brazilian actor Rodrigo Santoro will join the cast, according to TV Guide. (See photo.)

Related's Kiele Sanchez is also joining the cast (see photo below,) and it appears Desmond (Henry Ian Cusick) will be a series regular this season, according to Kristin Veitch at E!.

In other Lost news, the Lost Season 2 DVD will include a Sawyer feature that edits together “every single insult that Sawyer has ever made,” Lost exec Damon Lindelof told folks at Comic Con. “It's astonishing when you hear them all together really. It's hilarious,” said fellow exec Carlton Cuse. “You can sit at home and play with your friends and try to figure out who he's talking about,” Lindelof said.

Sounds like a good way to spend a Saturday night. You all know my love for Sawyer, and it seems like that little featurette will be worth the price of the DVD.

The new season of Lost premieres October 4.


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