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Saturday, August 26, 2006

Emmy avoidance 2006

by Jennifer Squires Biller

OK, so I haven’t exactly embraced Emmy coverage at Tube Talk this year. Don’t blame me. Blame the so-called TV fans, masquerading as Emmy voters, who churned out a list of nominees that includes Kevin James and Alfre Woodard, but not Hugh Laurie or Kristen Bell.

But with the Emmys less than a day away, it’s time to take a look at the nominees who deserve to win (and there are several good choices.) I’ve put aside my bitterness long enough to dish the Emmys with all of you who’ve e-mailed me asking my opinions in several categories. You’re welcome.

Let me start by saying that if Denis Leary (Rescue Me) does not score the win for Lead Actor in a Drama Series, no amount of Prozac will be able to pull me out of the hole of depression that will surely ensue. Leary’s performance is so off-the-charts fantastic, that I actually feel sorry for those of you who don’t watch this mesmerizing show. Leary makes viewers laugh, cry, empathize, sympathize and shake their heads in disgust and agreement all at the same time.

For Outstanding Drama Series, Grey’s Anatomy needs to claim the prize to reestablish any trust I had in Emmy voters. And that won’t be easy, considering Lost and Veronica Mars should be competing in this category, too, but sadly didn’t make the nominee list. OK, I’m not going there. Moving on…

For Outstanding Comedy Series, the brilliant medical satire Scrubs deserves the win. Last season was the best yet. The fact that Donald Faison wasn’t nominated is beyond inexplicable. But, it gives me hope that this under appreciated show may finally get the recognition it deserves to make up for the snub.

For Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Drama, Chandra Wilson of Grey’s Anatomy deserves to take home the gold. Period.

For Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Comedy Series, Jaime Pressly, of My Name is Earl, is my pick. Her Joy is Emmy-worthy in any scene.

For Outstanding Guest Actor in a Drama Series, I think you all know my choice. Yep, Grey’s Anatomy hot bomb guy, also known as the fantastic Kyle Chandler is the standout. He owned those scenes in the haunting two-parter. Although, sadly, Emmy voters will more than likely vote for Michael J. Fox for his stint on Boston Legal.

Those are the categories for which I’m truly excited to see the winners announced. The rest of the race, well, not so much.

For those of you looking for “expert” opinions on who will win, you can check out the L.A. Times Envelope Web site that has posted odds from Emmy experts. Also, TV Guide’s Michael Ausiello has a humorous blog post on who he thinks will win, and who he wants to win. But be warned, he’s more bitter (disillusioned?) than I am.

I promise to put my acrimony aside and return to my perky self, in order to bring you an objective review of the Emmys on Sunday. So, check back for my thoughts on the show and the winners. (They're all winners just being nominated.) See, I'm feeling bubblier already.


kg said...

though i've only seen his show a time or two, i agree that denis leary rocks! hugh laurie should've also been nominated. but kevin james - i love him and his show, and i think he deserves his nom! i'm only sorry that the cast of scrubs continues to be snubbed every year. zach braff got a nod last year, but where was he this year?? and donald faison, sarah chalke and john c. mcginley continue to be overlooked. maybe with the turnover in shows, next year we'll see some more deserving noms.

tube talk girl said...

Scrubs can't buy an Emmy. It continues to baffle me. John C. has been overlooked so many years, and this year Donald did his best work and deserved a nod.

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