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Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Dean Cain leaving "Las Vegas"

by Jennifer Squires Biller

You heard it here first. Dean Cain will not be reprising his role as Montecito owner Casey Manning this season on Las Vegas.

In a recent chat, Cain said he won’t be back this fall. However, he did not rule out a return entirely. “Things change…I’ll keep you posted,” Cain told fans, during the chat. To read the entire chat transcript with Cain, click here.

OK, it’s up to you to help “things change,” Tubers. Please fire off an email to NBC and let them know you’d like Casey to stick around, and better yet, for Casey to get a decent storyline that makes sense with the show’s history. (Novel idea, I know.)

I know plenty of you love him on the show, as I get tons of traffic here from Google searches about his role on Las Vegas. My consistent pet peeve with Las Vegas is that major plot points/characters are dropped abruptly, and new story arcs are written with no regard for the past. (Hello, Sam and Casey. Hello, Nessa. Hello, Sam and the silver.) And it appears it may be happening again.

Cain was a perfect fit with the cast. He had chemistry with Ed, Danny, Delinda, Sam and even (gulp) Mary. He was absolutely the most entertaining hotel owner the show has ever had. The paintball episode where Casey forced the employees to attend and “work as a team” was one of the funniest of the series. There was plenty of story to be played out for Casey Manning, if the writers would have tapped into the Sam/Casey history. I have no idea how the show will handle his exit, or if it will just be ignored, and he’ll never be mentioned again. I guess we should just be grateful he won’t be blown off the roof.

I’m still hoping the Las Vegas show execs change their minds and keep Cain. Don’t they know that Superman is always a sure bet?


Anonymous said...

That really sticks about Dean leaving Vegas. I LOVED Sam and Casey and I can't believe there isn't going to be a resolution to their story.

I also saw in the new tvguide today that the casino will be getting a new owner. That was quoted by Vegas's Executive Producer. Looks like Dean really is out for good.

Oh well, maybe in the series finale he can come back and sweep Sam off.

tube talk girl said...

I was hoping that things would change before the start of the season, but I guess not. That's too bad, as he was a real addition to the Vegas cast.

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